ARTICLES to be enquired of, vvith­in the Diocesse of Sarisbury, in the first visi­tation of the Right Reuerend Father in God, MARTIN by the prouidence of GOD, Lord Bishoppe of Sarum.

HOLDEN In the yeere of our Lord God, 1619.


AT LONDON Printed by Iohn Beale, 1619.

Articles concerning the Clargie.

WHether hath your Minister read the constitutions set forth by his Maiesty, once euery yeere vpon some son­day or holidaies in the afternoone before diuine ser­uice, according as by the Canons he is bound?

2 Whether doth your Minister vse to pray for the Kings Maiestie King Iames, and [for the Quéenes Maiesty] the Prince and all their royall progeny, giuing vnto him such stile and title of supreme Gouernour in all causes and ouer all persons, as well Ecclesiasticall as Temporall, as by law are due vnto him, ex­horting their Parishioners to yéelde him obedience according to the same, and also in their sermons do pray for all Archbishops, Bishops, and other Ecclesiasticall persons, according to the 55. Canon?

3 Whether is the prescript forme of diuine seruice vsed by your Mini­ster vpon sondaies, holidaies wednesdaies & fridaies according to the book of common praier? and whether doth your Minister duly obserue all the orders, rites & ceremonies prescribed in the said book of common prayer, aswell in reading publique praiers, the Letany, as also in admi­nistring the sacraments in such manner & forme, wearing the surplesse as by the book of common prayer by law now established is inioyned?

4 Whether doth your Minister administer the holy Communion so often, & at such times as that euery Parishioner, may receiue the same at least thrice in euery yeare, whereof one at Easter, as by the booke of common praier is appointed: And whether doth your Minister receiue the same himselfe on euery day that he administreth it to others, knée­ling at the same, & administreth it to none but such as doe knéele at the receiuing thereof, and vse the words of the institution according to the booke at euery time that the bread or wine is receiued, in such manner and forme as by the Prouiso of the 21. Canon is directed, or wherein is hée faultie, and whether is warning giuen by him before hand for the Communion, as the 22. Canon requireth.

5 Whether hath your Minister admitted any notorious offenders, or Schismatiques to the Communion, contrarie to the 26. and 27. consti­tutions, without satisfaction by due course of law before enioined them or reiected any from the communion who were not by publike pre­sentment or other open scandal infamous and detected of some notori­ous crime by common fame published in the parish?

6 Whether the Minister together with the Churchwardens & Quest­ [...]en, doe take diligent heede and care, not onely that all and euerie of [Page] your owne Parishioners, doe re [...]ue thri [...] in euery y [...]re, as aforesaid: but also that [...]o [...] of any other Parish doe forsake their owne Minister and Parish to receiue with you contrary to the 28 Canon?

7 Whether hath your Minister, Church-wardens, and Sidemen pre­sented vnto th [...] Lord Bishop or his Chancellor within forty dayes after Easter the names of all the Parishioners, as wel men as women, which being aboue [...]6. yéeres of age, receiued not the Communion, at, or a­bout Easter before, according to the 112. Canon.

8 Whether doth your Minister vse to signe the Children with the sign [...] of the crosse, when they are baptized, according to the Booke of common prayer, and the thirtith Canon? and whether he hath deferred, or wilful­ly refused to baptize any infant in his Parish being in danger, hauing béene duly informed of the weakenesse thereof? and whether the childe hath dyed in his default without baptisme, contrary to the 68 and 69 Canons?

9 Whether is your Minister continually resident with you vpon his be­nefice? or for how long time hath he béene absent? and where is he resi­dent for the most part? and what other benefice hath hée?

10 Whether doth your Minister, being a Preacher, preach vsually ac­cording to the constitutions, either in his owne Cure with you once eue­rie Sunday, or else in some other Church or Chappell néere adioyning, where no Preacher is, according to the 45 Canon? or how hath he béene negligent in that behalfe?

11 Whether is your Minister a Preacher allowed? If yea, then by whom? If no, whether doth hée procure Sermons to be preached among you once in euery moneth at the least, by such as are lawfully licenced, according to the 46. Canon? or doth he contribute towards a licenced Preacher, if his liuing will beare it?

12 Whether hath your Minister another benefice? and whether doth he supply his absence by a Curate, that is sufficiently licenced to preach in that cure of his whereon he himselfe is not resident? or otherwise in case he doth not find a preaching Minister there, by reason of the smal­nes thereof, whether doth he preach at both his benefices [...]sually him­selfe, according to the 47. Canon.

13 Whether is your Curate licenced to serue by the L. Bishop of this Dioces, or by any other, and by whom? Whether doth your Minister or Curate serue any more cures then one, contrarie to the 48. Canon: If yea, then what other cure doth he also serue?

14 If your minister be not licenced to preach as aforesaid, whether do [...]h he reade Homilies, or rather take vpon him to e [...]pound the s [...]riptures, either in his owne cure or else where, cōtrary to the 49. canon: if you thē you are to present him, & speri [...]e the place where he so h [...]th preached?

[Page] 15 Whether hath any person béene admitted to preach within your Church or Chappel, but such as you haue wel known to be sufficiently licenced? whom haue you so admitted? you shall present their names: and how often haue any such béene admitted to preach, & by whose pro­curement? And whether haue you caused euery strange Preacher, licen­ced or not licenced, to subscribe his name together with the day when he preached according to the 50. and 51. Canons? And if he were l [...] ­cenced, then by whom was he licenced? And whether haue they, or any other, preached in your Church not being soberly and decently appa­relled, according to the 74. Canon?

16 Whether doth your Lecturer and Preacher reade Diuine seruice, and administer the Sacraments in his owne person twice euery yeare obseruing al the ceremonies in the book of common-prayer established, according to the 56. Canon?

17 Whether doth your Minister weare the Surplesse, whilest he is saying publique praiers, and administring the Sacraments? And if hée be any Graduate, whether then doth he weare also vpon his Surplesse, during the times afore said, such a h [...]d as by the o [...]ers of his Uniuer­sity is agréeable to his degrée, according to the 58. Canon?

18 Whether doth your Minister, euery Sonday, & Holiday, before e­uening praier, for half an houre or more, examine and instruct the youth, and ignorant persons of his parish, in the ten Commandemets, the Ar­ticles of Reliefe and in the Lords praier, as also in the Catechisme last set forth in the booke of common-praier, whereby the children of the pa­rish may be prepared for confirmation, according to the 60 Canon.

19 Whether hath your Minister without licence from the Archbishop, the Bishop of the Dioces, or his Chancelor, solemnized mariage be­twixt any parties, the Banes not being thrée seueral Sondaies, or Ho­lidaies first publis [...]ed, in time of Diuine Seruice, in the seuerall chur­che [...] or Chappels of seuerall abode, according to the booke of common­praier and the 62. Canon? and that also betwixt the houres of eight and twelue in the forenoone, contrarie to the 102. Canon.

20 Whether hath your Minister since the last Canons published, solem nized any mariage betwixt any persons, being vnder the age of 21. yéers, although the Ba [...] [...]e thrice asked, before such time as the Pa­rents hath made knowne vnto him their consents therunto, contrarie t [...] the 99. and 100. Canons? I whether hath he maried any of another Dioces? who are they? and by what authoritie and when?

21 Whether doth your Minister vpon Sondaies at morning praier de clare vnto the Parishioners what holidaies & fasting daies are appoin­ted to be kept, the wéeke following, according to the 64. Canon, wherby the [...] [...] [...]e put in minde to prepare themselues accordingly, and to [Page] repaire to Church to publicke prayer as by law they are bound.

22 Whether doth your Minister in the Rogation daies vse the Peram­bulation, mooue the people to giue thanks to God for his benefits, vsing such Psalmes, Praiers, Homilies as are to that end set forth.

23 Whether doth any man (being neither Minister nor Deacon) read common Praier openly in your Church or Chappel, or administer the Sacrament of Baptisme, or solemnize matrimonie, or take vpon him to practise any other ministeriall dutie in the Church, that is prescribed to be executed by such as are either Ministers or Deacons? And what is his name that so doth?

24 Whether doth your Minister euery sixe Moneths denounce in his Church all such of his parish as doe perseuere in the sentence of excom­munication not séeking to be absolued? And whether hath he admitted any person excomunicated into the Church without a certificate of his Absolution, from the Ordinary or other competent Iudge vnder seale.

25 Whether doth your Minister being a Preacher, endeauour and la­bour diligently with mildnesse and temperance to conferre with, and thereby to reclaime the Popish Recusants in his parish from their er­rors, if there be any such there being? And whether is he painefull in vi­siting the sicke according to the book of common praier and the Canons in that case prouided?

26 Whether is your Parson, Uicar, Lecturer, or Curate too much fre­quent or ouer conuersant with, or a fauourer of Recusants, whereby he may be suspected not to be sincere in Religion?

27 Whether hath your Minister or any other taking vpon him the place of a Minister, preached, baptized children (vnlesse in case of neces­sitie) solemnized mariage, churched any woman, or ministred the holy Communion in any priuate house or houses? If yea, then where? whom when? And how often hath he so offended in any of the premisses?

28 Whether hath your Minister taken vpon him to appoint any pub­like or priuate fasts or prophecies not approued and established by law or publicke authority? Or hath he attempted, vpon any pretence either of possession or obsession, by fasting and prayer to cast out diuels contra­ry vnto the 72. Canon?

29 Whether hath your Minister or any person or persons within your parish vsed to méete in any priuate house or other place, and to hold pri­uate conuenticles contrary to the 73. Canon? If yea, then you shall present them all and euery one of them.

30 Whether doth your Minister vse such decency and comlinesse in his apparell as by the constitution is inioyned as well at home as when he goeth abroad?

31 Whether doe you know in your parish any that hauing heretofore [Page] taken vpon him or them the order of Priesthood or of a Deacon, hath since relinquished the same, and betaken himselfe in the course of his life as a Lay-man, neglecting his vocation? If yea, then you shall present his name and the place of his aboad.

32 Whether is your Minister noted or defamed to haue obtained his Benefice by Simonie, or reputed to bee an incontinent person, or doth kéepe any man or woman in his house that are suspected either to be of euil Religion or of bad life, or himself to be a common drunkard, or to be a common haunter of Tauernes, Alehouses, or other suspected places, a common Gamester or plaier at dice or other vnlawful games, a com­mon swearer, or notorious person, or faultie in any other crime puni­shable by ecclesiasticall censures, wherby he is offensiue and scandalous to his function or ministerie.

33 Whether doth your Minister vse the forme of thanksgiuing to wo­men after their childbirth, and whether hath he admitted any thereun­to that was begotten with childe in adulterie or fornication, without li­cense of his ordinarie? And whether haue any maried wiues refused to come to Church according to the booke of common prayer to giue God thankes after child-birth? If any be faultie herein you shal present their [...]ames.

34 Whether doth your Minister baptize any children in any Fason or other vessell then in the ordinary Font being placed in the Church ac­cording to the 81. Canon, or doth vse to put any bason into it?

35 Item whether is the prescript forme of diuine seruice vsed by your Minister, vpon the éeues of Sondaies and Holidaies according to the booke of common-praier? and doth he reade the Letany vpon euery wednesday and friday as is required by the 15 canon? and whether doth euery house-houlder of your parish dwelling within halfe a mile of the Church come or send thither accordingly.

36 Item whether hath your Minister married any without a ring? hath he admitted any to be God-father, or God-mother, to any child that hath not receiued the Communion? doth he refuse to burie any which ought to be interred in christian buriall, or deferre the same lon­ger then he should, or burie any in christian buriall, which by the consti­tutions of the church of England ought not so to be interred.

37 Item whether hath your Minister vsed the prescript forme of thanksgiuing for his Maiesties deliuerance vpon the fift of August and the fift of Nouember according to the ordinance in that behalfe.

38 Item whether doth your Minister and such others that preach in your church or chapple, or reade any Lecture or Homilie, before and at the beginning of euery such Sermon, Lecture or Homilie, mooue the people to ioyne with him in praier, in such maner, & forme, and to such [Page] effect as in the 55. [...], [...] herein you shall present his [...].

39 Item whether hath there béen any [...]que [...]tion be [...]t preacher and preacher, in your Church or Chappel, touching any Ser­mons of doctrine, or otherwise form [...]ly preached by any other preacher either in your parish church, or in any [...] chappell [...]re [...]ing: for the au [...]ing of offence and [...] that may gr [...]w thereby. you are diligently to obserue the directions of the 53. [...], and so to present it.

40 Item whether hath your Minister taken especiall care to prepare the children and youth of his p [...]sh (not being as yet confirmed) to be made [...]itte for confirmation against this next visitation, or in wh [...]m is the fault.

Articles concerning the Church.

1 VVHether haue you in your seuerall Churches & Chappels the booke of constitutions or Canons ecclesiasticall ready to be read by y [...]ur Minister according to his Maiesties pleasure, publi­shed by his highnesse authoriti [...] vnder the great seale of England?

2 Whether is there in your Church or Chappell one parchment Re­gister booke prouided for christ [...]ings; mariages; and burials? And whe­ther is the same duely and exactly kept according to the constitutions in that behalfe prouided, and a transcript therof brought in y [...]rely with­in one moneth after Easter into my Lord Bishops Registers office? And whether doth your Minister vpon euery Sonday read the [...]ames of all such as haue béene maried, christ [...]ed, or buried the wéeke before?

3 Whether haue you prouided the booke of common-prayer lately commanded by his Maiesties authoritie onely to be vsed, together with a Bible of the largest volume, and last translation; the two bookes of thanks giuing for his Maiesties deliuerance vpon the 5. of August and fifte of Nouember; and the booke of Homilies, and two Psalters: and whether haue you in your Church or Chappel a Font of stone set vp in the auncient vsuall place, a conuenient and decent Com­munion Table standing vpon a frame with a carpet of [...]ke or some o­ther decent stuffe, and a [...]aire [...] [...]ath to lay thereon at the Com­munion time? And whether is the same table then placed in such con­uenient sort within the Chancell or Church as that the Minister may be best heard in his prayer and administration, and that the greater number may communicate? And whether are the ten Commādements set vp on the East end of your Church or Chappell where the people may best sé [...] and reade them, and other Sentences of holy Scrip­ture [Page] written on the walles likewise for the same purpose?

4 Whether haue you a conuenient seate for your Minister to reade Seruice [...], together with a comely Pulpit set vp in a conuenient place with a decent cloth or cushion for the same, a comely large Surplesse, a faire Communion Cup of [...]uer, and aco [...]er agréeable for the same, a standing [...] of pewter or purer mettall to put the wine in, whereby it may be set vpon the Communion table at the time of the blessing there­of, with all o [...]er things and ornaments necessary for the celebration of Diuine Seruice and administration of the Sacraments, and a strong chest for the almes of the poore, with thrée lockes and keyes, and another chest for the kéeping of the Ornaments of the Church, and Register Booke?

5 Whether are your Church or Chappels with the Chauncels there­of, and your Parsonage or Uicaredge house, and all other housing there­to belonging, in good reparations, and decently and comely kept, aswell within as without, the seates well maintained, your Churchyards wel fenced and kept without abuse according to the 85. Canon? If not, then through whose default & what defects are? All these things in these Ar­ticles, to be prepared, according to the Canons vnder the title appertai­ning to Churches.

6 Item whether haue you a terrier of the gléebe-lands, and other rights, duties and possessions belonging to your Parsonage and Uica­radge? if no, then to enquire thereof vpon the view and knowledge of honest substantiall men, within your parish, together with the aduice of your Person and Uicar, and the same so made to certifie and bring vn­to vs, that it may be safely kept in our Registrie ad perpetuam rei memo­riam, at this our first episcopall visitation.

Articles concerning Ecclesiasticall Officers.

1 VVHether do you know or haue heard of any payment, com­position, or agréement, to, or with any exercising ecclesia­sticall iurisdictiō within this Dioces, or any their Registers or officers Ecclesiasticall, for suppressing or concealing of excomunication, or o­ther Ecclesiasticall censure, of, or against any Recusant? what summe of money or other consideration hath béene receiued, or promised by, or to any of them for concealing of them? by whom, and with whom?

2 Whether any vsing Ecclesiasticall iurisdiction in this Dioces, their Registers, Actuaries, Apparitors, or Summoners, haue at any time winked at, and suffered any adulterers, fornicators, ince [...]s, or other faults or offences presented vnto them, to passe and remaine vnpuni­shed [Page] and vncorrected, for money, rewards, bribes, pleasure, friendship, or any other partiall respect?

3 Whether hath any exercising ecclesiasticall iurisdiction within this Dioces, or any Register, Apparitor, or Minister belonging to the Ec­clesiasticall courts, exacted extraordinarie or greater fees then hereto­fore of late haue béene accustomed? and whether is there a Table of the rates of al fées set vp in seuerall courts and offices, or whether they or any of them haue taken vpon them the office of Informers or Pro­moters to the courtes, or any other way abused themselues in their offices contrary to the law and canons in that case prouided?

4 Item, are your Ecclesiasticall Iudges and their substitutes masters of Arts, or Batchellors of the Law at the least, learned and practised in the ciuill and ecclesiasticall Lawes, men of good [...]ife and fame, zea­louslie affected in Religion? and iust and vpright in executing their offices? haue they heard any matter of office priuately in their cham­bers, without their sworne Registers, or their Deputies presence? do you know, or haue you heard of any summes of money to be taken by them, or any of their officers, of any dying intestate, vpon pretence to bestow the same in pios vsus, and how hath the same béene bestowed?

5 Item, what number of Apparitors hath euery seuerall iudge Ec­clesiastical, and wherein, and in what manner is the country ouer-bur­thened with them? and whether haue they caused, or summoned any to appeare in the said courts without a presentment or a citation first had, or whether haue they threatned any to prosecute them in the said courts, if they would not giue them some rewards? and what bribes in that behalfe haue they taken?

6 Whether hath there béene within your seuerall Parishes since the day of last past any wills proued or administrati­ons graunted by the Archdeacon and his Official? or any knowne in­continent persons? or any suspected of that vice, or any other offenders whatsoeuer (hauing not before the said day of last past béene duly presented by their Churchwardens) for the same béene called or cited by the Archdeacon or his Official? If yea, then you must present their names, and their offences, now at this visitation, for that since the said day of last the Archdeacons authoritie was restrained and suspended by inhibition, and al iurisdiction Ecclesi­asticall euer since hath béene in the Lord Bishop,

Articles concerning Schoolemasters.

1 VVHether the Schoolemaster or Schoolemasters withinyour parish openly or priuately in any Noble or Gentlemans [Page] house, or in any other place, be of good & sincere religion, life, and con­uersation, and be diligent in teaching and bringing vp of youth, & whe­ther they haue béene examined, allowed, and licencedfor Schoolmasters by the Ordinarie in that behalfe? and how many seuerall Schoolema­sters haue you? and what be their names?

2 Whether your Schoolemaster or Schoolemasters doe themselues re­ceiue the holy Communion as often as they ought to doe, and whether doe all their Schollers, which be of age sufficient, and of capacity by in­struction to receiue the Lords Supper, come to the Communion either in your Church, or where their Parents dwel, once euerie yeare, and be diligent to heare common-praier?

3 Whether the Schoolemaster or Schoolemasters either priuate or publicke do teach their schollers the Catechisme authorised by publicke authoritie, at the least once euery week, and do instruct & examine them in the same, or do teach any other Catechisme, and what Catechisme it is that they do so teach?

4 Whether your Schoolemaster, or Schoolemasters, or any of them bée knowne or suspected to reade vnto their schollers priuatelie any vn lawful books, or priuatlie to instruct them in their yong yéeres either in Poperie, superstition, or disobedience, or contempt to his Maiestie, and his lawes Ecclesiasticall by publicke authoritie allowed?

5 Whether your Schoolemaster, or Schoolemasters, or any of them vnder pretence of Catechising their schollers, which is a most godly or­der carefully by them to be obserued, do kéepe Lectures, readings or ex­position in diuinitie in their houses, hauing repaire vnto them of peo­ple not being of their owne familie and houshold?

6 What Reccusant Papists are there in your parish? and whether doe they, or any of them kéep any Schoolemaster in their house, which com­meth not to Church to heare Diuine Seruice, & receiue the Commu­nion? what is his name? and how long hath he taught?

7 Whether the Schoolemasters within your parish doe teach his or their schollers any other Grammar thenthat which is commonly called the Kings Grammar, set forth by the authoritie of K. Henry the eight, teaching the prescript forme thereof, whereby their schollers may per­fectly vnderstand their Grammer rules and constructions?

Articles concerning the Parishioners, and other of the Laity.

1 VVHether is there any in your parish, that hath or dooth impugne the Kings Maiesties supremacy, and authoritie in causes Ecclesiasticall, or doe any way or in any part impeache the same, being restored to the Crowne by the lawes of this Realme esta­blished in that behalfe?

[Page] 2 Whether is there any in your parish, that de [...]ieth the Church of England by law established vnder the Kings most excellent Maiestie, to be a true and Apostolicall church, teaching and maintaining the doc­trine of the Apostles?

3 Whether is there any in your parish, that doth impugne any of the Articles of Religion agréed vpon in Anno 1562. and established in the Church of England?

4 Whether is there any in your parish, that doth impugne or speak a­gainst the rites and ceremonies established in the Church of England, or the lawfull vse of them? you shall present their names.

5 Whether are there any in your parish, that do impugne the gouern­ment of the Church of England vnder the Kings most excellent Maie­sty by Archbishops, Bishops, Deanes, Archdeacons, and the rest that beare office in the same, affirming that the same is Antichristian or re­pugnant to the word of God?

6 Whether is there any in your parish, that doe impugne the forme of consecrating & ordaining of Archbishops, Bishops, Priests, or Dea­cons, affirming that the same is repugnant to the word of God, or that they who are so ordered in that forme, are not lawfully made?

7 Whether is th [...]re any in your parish, that doth hold or frequent a­ny conu [...]nticles or priuate méetings, and there do conferre or agrée vp­on any priuate orders, other then such as are by the Canons set forth by publique authoritie, to be by them or any others in Church gouern­ment obserued?

8 Whether any person haue lurked and tippled in Tauernes, or Ale­houses, on Sondaies or other holidaies, or vsed his or their manuall craft or trade, or kéepe their shops open vpon the said daies, or any of them, and espectally in the time of Diuine seruice?

9 Whether are there any in your Parish, that doe or haue profaned the Lords day called Sonday, or other Holidaies, contrarie to the or­ders of the church of England, prescribed in that behalfe?

10 Whether hath any person in your Parish quarrelled, or stric­ken or vsed any violence vnto, or with your Minister, or any other in the Church or Churchyard, or vsed himselfe disorderlie in the Church, by [...]lthy and profane talke, or any other rude and immodest behauiour?

11 Whether is that due reuerence, and humble submission vsed with­in your chur [...] chapple in the time of Diuine seruice, as by the 18. constitution is prescribed? and whether each one in the Church or chappell doe apply and order himselfe there in time of Diuine [...], [Page] as by the letter part of the same constitution is most commendably en­ioyned?

12 Whether the Churchwardens and Questmen from time to time do their diligence in not suffering any idle persons or loiterers, to abide either in the Churchyard or Church porch in seruice or Sermon time, but causing them either to come into the Church to heare diuine ser­uice, or to depart, and not to disturb [...] such as are hearers there?

13 Whether the Churchwardens doe prouide against euery Commu­nion with the aduice of the Minister, a sufficient quantitie of fine white bread, and of good and wholsome wine, for the number of the commu­nicants, that shall receiue, and that to be brought in a cleane and swéet standing pot of pewter or other pure metall.

14 Whether haue any in your Parish béene Godfathers or Godmo­thers to their owne children? Or whether your Minister, or any Godfathers or Godmothers haue vsed or doe vse any other forme, answere, or speach in Baptisme, then is in the booke of common praier appointed? or whether any which haue not communicated, be ad­mitted to be Godfathers or Godmothers, contrarie to the twentie ninth Canon?

15 Whether is there any in your parish, that doth refuse to haue their children baptized, or themselues to receiue the communion at the hands of your Minister, because hee is no Preacher? you shall present their names. And if your Minister since the publishing of the said booke of Canons, haue receiued any such persons (being not of his owne cure) to the communion, or baptized any of their children, you shall likewise present him?

16 Whether doe all the Fathers, Mothers, Masters, & Mistresses cause their children, seruants and apprentices to come to the catechisme vp­on the Sondaies and Holidaies before euening prayer to heare and to be instructed and taught therein? and those that [...]e not their duties herein, you present their names.

17 Whether haue you or your Predecessors, Church-wardens suffe­red any playes, feasts, banquets, church-ales, drinkings or any other profane vsages, to be kept in your church, chappels, or churchyard, or [...]els to [...]rung superstitio [...]e vpon holidaies or Eues abrogated by the booke of common-prayer, contrary to the 88. canon?

12 How many inhabitants within your Parish, men or women a­boue the age of sixtéene yéeres, do refuse to frequent Diuine seruice e­stablished by publike authority of this Realme, or to receiue the holy Communion, or are negligent therein? what be their names? and of what degrée, state, or trade of life are [...]hey? you are to present them all [...]f both forts.

[Page] 19 Whether haue you or your Predecessors brought vnto my Lord Bishop or his Chauncellour, within fortie daies next after Easter, the names of all such as haue not communicated that Easter before, con­trary to the 11. 2. Canon?

20 Whether do any of the Inhabitants of your said parish entertaine within their house any soiurners, lodgers, or any common resorters and guests, who refuse to frequent Diuine seruice, or receiue the holic Communion as aforesaid? what be their names? of what quality or condition are they?

21 Whether are any of the said Popish Recusants of insolent beha­uiour not without publike offence, or doe boldly busie themselues in seducing and withdrawing others either abroad or in their owne fami­lies, by instructing their children in Popish Religion, or by refusing [...]o entertaine any, especially in place of greatest seruice or trust, but such as concur with them in opinion of religion? and what be their names that so do?

22 How long the said Popish Recusants haue obstinately abstained either from Diuine seruice, or from the Communion as is aforesaid? whether of any long time, or only since his Maiesties raigne, and how long?

23 What persons aforesaid within your parish, either for the offence aforesaid, or for any other contumacy or crime, doe remaine excommu­nicated? what bee their names? and for what cause? and how long haue they so stood excommunicate?

24 Whether were you the Churchwardens and Questmen chosen by the consent of the Minister and parishioners in Easter [...]ke, accor­ding vnto the 89. and 90. canons? and whether haue the churchwar­dens before you giuen vp a iust accompt for their time, and deliuered to you their Successors, whatsoeuer money or other things of right be­longing to the church, which was in their hands, according to the 89. Canon?

25 Whether doe all persons aboue the age of sixtéene yéeres vsualie reso [...]t to hears Diuine seruice vpon sondaies and holidaies approued, and whether hath each one of your Parishioners (being aboue the age of sixtéene yeares as aforesaide) receiued the holy communion thrice this last yeare, chiefely once at Easter in your Parish Church knée­ling? If no, then you shall present their names, which haue not so done?

26 Whether haue you a fit Parish Clerke, aged 20. y [...]res atleast, of honest conuersation & sufficient for reading and writting? and whether he be payed his wages without fraud [...] according to the most auncient customs of your Parish? If not, then by whom is he so defrauded and [Page] denied? and whether he be chosen by the Parson or Uicar, or by whom according to the 91. Canon.

27 Whether haue any in your Parish béene maried within the prohi­bite degrées, forbidden by the Lawe, and expressed in a certaine Table published by authority in Anno 1563? If yea, then your shall present their names, and whether haue you the said Table publikely set vp in your Church, and fastened to some conuenient place?

28 Whether doth any heretofore diuorced kéepe company with any o­ther at bed and at boord as man & wife? what be their names? when and where they maried? and how long haue they so continued?

29 Whether haue you any in your Parish, which heretofore being po­pish Recusants or Sectaries, haue since conformed themselues & come to Church to heare Diuine, seruice and receiue the Sacraments? If yea, then who they are? And how long since haue they so conformed themselues? and whether doe they still remaine and abide in that con­formity?

30 Whether haue you any in your parish to your knowledg or by com­mon fame and report, which haue committed adulterie, fornication, or incest, or any bawdes harborers or receiuers of such persons, or pub­likely suspected thereof, which haue not béen publikely punished to your knowledge? If yea, then with whom, and whether are there anie which are by common fame and report reputed & taken to be common drunkards, blasphemers of Gods holy name, common and vsual swea­rers, filthic speakers, raylers, sowers of discord amongst their neigh­bours, or speakers against Ministers marriages, Usurers contrarie to the statute made in the 37. yeare of K. Henry the eight, Symonicall persons, fighters, brawlers or quarrellers in Church or Churchyard? you shall not faile to present their names.

31 Whether haue any in your parish receiued or harboured any wo­man gotten with childe out of wedlock, and suffered them againe to de­part without pennance first inflicted vpon them by their ordinary? You shall truelie present aswel the partie harbouring as harboured, and who is suspected to haue committed incontinencie with her.

32 Whether anie person or persons suspected or detected heretofore of Incontinency, and therfore departing out of your parish for a season, is now returned againe? or in what place else is he or she now abiding to your knowledge, or as you haue heard? you shal not faile to present the whole truth in that behalfe.

33 Whether are there in your parish anie wils not yet prooued, or goods of the dead dying intestate, left vnadministred by the authority of the Ordinarie in that behalfe? you shall not faile to present the Exe­cutors and all others faulty and culpable therein.

[Page] 34 Whether [...] any of or within your parish affirme, [...] that the sacred Synode of this nation assembled by the [...] authority is not the true Church of England by representati [...] or hath or dooth any of your parish affirme, th [...] no persons either of the Clergie or La tie, that were not personally present in the said la [...] Synode, are [...] to the decrées thereof in causes Ecclesiasticall made and ratified by the Kings supreame authority, because they gaue not vp their voices vnto them? you shall present their names.

35 Whether is there any among you, that ha [...] or do [...] [...] the aforesaid late Synod, saying or affirming, that the same was a company o [...] such persons as did conspire together against godly and religious Professors of the Gospell, and that therefore both they and their pro­céedings in that behalfe are and ought to be dispised and contemned, or words to the like effect? you shall not faile to present their names.

36 Whether there bee any person or persons Ecclesiasticall or tem­porall within your Parish or else where within this Dioces, that haue retained and kept in their custodie, or that read, sell, vtter, disperse, cary or deliuer to others any English books, or Libels set forth either on this side or beyond the seas, by Papists or Sectaries, against the [...]ings su­premacie in causes Ecclesiasticall, or against true Religion and Ca­tholik doctrine now publikely professed in this Church, or the gouern­ment or Discipline of the Church of England, now within this Realm receiued and established by common authoritie, and what their names and surnames are?

35 Whether there bée any in your parish who are noted, knowne or suspected to conceale or kéep hiddē in their houses any Masse books, por­tesses, br [...]iaries, or other bookes of Popery and super [...]ition, or any Challices, Copes, Uestments, Albes, or other ornaments of supersti­tion, vncancelled or vndefaced, which it is to be coniectured, they doe kéepe for a day, as they call it?

38 Whether any of your Parishioners hauing a Preacher to their Parson, Uicar, or Curate, doe absent themselues from his Sermons, and resort to any other place to heare other Preachers?

39 Whether there be any Inkéepers, Alewiues, Uictualers, or [...]ip­lers, that suffer or doe admit any person or persons in their houses to eate, drink, or play at dice, cards, tables, bowles, or such like games, in the time of common-prayer or sermon on the Sondaies, or Holi­daies: or any Butchers, or other that commonly vse to sell meat or o­ther things in the time of common prayer, preaching or reading of Ho­milies▪ and whether in Faires or common Markets falling vpon Ho­lidaies, there be shewing of any wares before morning prayer be [...] and whether any Markets and selling of wares be vsed or su [...] in [Page] any Churchyards on the Sabboth day by common packmen and ped­lers going about, or any Butchers?

40 Whether hath your Minister or any of the parish without the con­sent or priuitie of the Ordinarie, caused any to doe penance or bee pu­nished either openly or otherwise, for any crime punishable by the Ec­clesiastical lawes onely, and what be the names of the parties that haue béene so punished, and in what manner?

41 Whether there be any in your Parish, who will come to heare the sermon, but will not come to the publique praier appointed by the booke of common-praier, making a schisme or diuision (as it were) betwéene the vse of publike praier, & preaching? and whether there be any, who being present at publick praier, do not deuoutly and humbly knéele vp­on their knées, at such times as by the booke of common prayer they are appointed, to wit, when they make a generall confession of their sinnes: when all prayers and collects are read: in the time of the Leta­nie: when the ten Commandements are read: and at the receiuing of the holy communion? and what are their names, that haue at any time shewed themselues vndutifull and vnreuerent in that behalfe?

42 Whether there be any maried woman or others within your Pa­rish, which after childbirth, refuse or contemne to come to the Church to giue God thankes for their diliuerie, and to haue the praiers pub­likely appointed on that behalfe by the booke of common prayer?

43 Whether any within your parish doe resort vnto Farnes, fieldes, woods, priuate houses, or to any extraordinarie exposition of scriptures or conferences together? or that be drawers or perswaders of others to any such schismaticall conuenticles?

44 Whether any doe kéepe their children vnbaptized longer then is conuenient, vnlesse that it be for sicknesse of the child, or other vrgent occasion? And whether any doe carrie their children from the Parish they are borne in, to other Parishes to be baptized, and so refuse their owne Parish: or doe bring strange Ministers into their owne hou­ses to baptize their children priuately according to their owne fanta­sies?

45 Item, whether haue you any Coniurers, Charmers, [...]lcours, Witches, or Fortune-tellers within your Parish? who are they, and who doe resort to them for counsell?

46 Item, haue you the Church wardens exhibited into the Bishoppes Registrie a true copie of the names of all such as haue béene christened, married, or buried within your parish this last yéere, according to the 70. Canon?

47 Item, whether hath the fift of August, and the fifth of Nouem­ber béene kept holy, and thanksgiuings made to God, for his Maie­sties, [Page] and the States happy del [...]rance, according to the Ordinance in that behalfe?

48 Item, whether haue you, or your Predecessors Churchwardens, (according to the branch of a Statute mentioned in the latter end of this booke) leuied twelue pence for euery Sondaies absence to the vse of the poore of your parish, of the lands, goods, and tenemen [...]s of euery one that hath without lawful execuse absented himselfe from his parish church? if not, you are to present it your selues by vertue of your oaths? If yea, then hath the money béene imploied to that vse, and distributed accordingly.

49 Whether do you know of any other matter of Ecclesiasticall cog­nizance, worthy the presentment in your iudgement, aboue not expressed, which you hold fit to be reformed? and if you doe, you shall likewise present the same by ver­tue of your Oaths.


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