¶ ARTICLES to be inquired of, by the reuerende Father in God, Richarde by Gods prouidence Bishop of Elye, For the Churchwardens and Inquirers of euery seuerall Parishe vvithin his Diocesse, in his visitation, holden in the yeare of our Lord GOD, 1573.

PRINTED AT LONDON, by Henry Bynneman, for Humfrey Toy.

¶ To the Persons, Vicars, and Curates, Churchwardens, and Inquirers, vvithin the Diocesse of Ely.

FOr as much as in my former Visitati­ons, I deliuered out certayne Iniuncti­ons, as well vnto you of the Clergie, as vnto the Churchwardens, and other sworne men, to be diligently obserued and kept: it shall not be néedefull to re­peate and inioyne the same agayne. In case any newe matter of disorder maye appéere vnto you, by the inquirie of my Articles, ye shall doe well and duetifully to receiue and take the true sense, and meaning of the sayd Articles, to be in place and steade of In­iunctions, bothe vnto the Clergie, and also to the Laytie, as we vse to call them. Which Articles, by the way of questi­ons, I thought good to mynister vnto you, to the intent both that ye may by the helpe of them more easily fynd out, and declare all the disorders whiche are vsed in your Paryshes, to the euill example of others, and to the highe dishonor of Almightie God. And that also by your faithfull information vpon your othes, I may be the better able to redresse all dis­orders and faultes, to the edifying of the people in your pa­rysh, and to the glorie of the Almightie and euerlasting God. These Articles yée Churchwardens muste diligently exa­mine, and truely answere to euery Article according to your othes:

[Page] IN primis whether your Person or Vicar, doe preach against the vsurped power of the Bishop of Rome, and his romish doctrine and errors, ac­cording to the Quenes Maiesties Iniunctions.

2 Item whether he reade twice in the yeare, the confession concerning the principall articles of Religion set forth by the Archbyshop of Can­terburie, and other Byshops.

3 Item whether you haue one Sermon eue­ry quarter at the least, in your parishe Church.

4 Item whether there be any Monuments of superstition remayning, as Images, Crosses, holy water stockes, Roodeloftes, and such like.

5 Item whether there be any in your parishe that speaketh agaynste any pointe of Religion, nowe establyshed in this Realme, or any that be despisers, mockers, or gainesayers of Preachers and Ministers doing their duties.

6 Item whether there bee any knowne Pa­pists, or any receyuers of such as doe not consent to the Queene hir Maiesties Supremacie.

7 Item whether your Chancell, Church, and Churchyarde be in good and sufficient reparatiō.

8 Item whether your Person or Vicar haue moe benefices than one, & whether your Curate serue moe cures than one.

9 Item whether your Curate reade distinctly, so that he may be heard and vnderstanded of the parishioners, & whether he hath speciall Licence vnder the Ordinaries Seale.

10 Item whether your Curate reade an Ho­mely, [Page] when there is no Sermon.

11 Item whether the Churchwardens do col­lect and take, of those that do not come to church vpon the Sundayes and Holidayes, the forfe­tures of twelue pens, to the vse of the poore, for euery time that they be so absent without iuste cause.

12 Item whether a Certificat be made at the least euery quarter, of all swearers, blasphemers of Gods holy name, Drunkardes, Adulterers, incestuous persons, Fornicators, Rybaudes, Baudes, or receiuers of such inconuenient people and of strange women with chylde, whose hus­bandes are vnknowne, or any persons that are vehemently suspected of such faults, & al sowers of discorde betweene neyghboures within your paryshe.

13 Item whether the Statute of the prouisiō for the poore be duely obserued and kept: if not, in whome the faulte is, and whether any refuse to contribute to the reliefe of the poore.

14 Item whether there be any that doe stub­bornely contemne, or despise the order of Admy­nistration of the holy Sacramentes, sette forth in the English tongue, or haue not receiued, or do obstinately refuse to receyue the holy Commu­nion at the least three times in the yeare.

15 Item whether there bee any cloth hanged on the wall, where the high alter stoode, and the table often commaundements fixed to the same.

16 Item whether your Person, Vicar or Cu­rate, [Page] say or sing his seruice, in such decent vesture as is prescribed by publique authoritie.

17 Item whether any of your Parishe after that he be excommunicated, doe at any tyme re­sort to the Churche, at Diuine seruice, not beeing absolued and restored to the Church agayne, and whether any of your Parishe keepe any suche excommunicated person companie.

18 Item whether the Children bee instructed in the English Cathechisme, lastly sette forth by authoritie, euery Sundaye and Holydaye, before Euening praier, by the space of one whole houre, and if they bee not, whether the faulte bee in the Parentes and Maisters of the Chyldren, or in the Curate neglecting his duetie.

19 Itē whether ther be admitted to the recey­uing of the Communion, any notorious sinners within your parish, without open reconciliation & declaration of repentance for the same offence.

20 Item whether the Queenes Maiesties Iniunctions bee read quarterly, by the Person, Vicar or Curate.

21 Item whether any of your Paryshiones walke, talke, or otherwise vnreuerently bee­haue themselues in the Churche, or vse any gaming abroade, or in any house, or sitte in the streates, or Churchyardes, or any Tauerne or Alehouse vppon the Sundayes or Holydayes, in tyme of Common prayer, seruice, Preaching, or reading of the Homelies: or whether any In­keepers, Alewiues, Victualers, or Typlers [Page] do suffer them.

22 Item whether any Butchers, Bruers, Shomakers, or others, vse to bring, carie, or sell any such things vpon Sundayes or Holydays, in the time of Common prayer, Sermon or rea­ding of Homelies, and whether any other arti­ficer dothe vtter any wares or Marchandize in the like times.

23 Item whether the Churchwardens, doe see the names of all Preachers that preache in their parysh Churches, to be noted in a boke for that purpose, & whether euery Preacher do sub­scribe his name, & of whom he had his Licence.

24 Item whether any man trouble or moleste the Churchwardens for doing their dueties.

25 Itē whether the Churchwardens be cho­sen by the cōsent of the Person, Vicar, or Curat, without whose consent they may not be chosen.

26 Item whether the Churchwardens haue prouided these bookes following, that is to saye, the English Bible in a great volume, the boke of seruice, the bokes of Homelies, with the Home­ly against rebellion, bokes of Psalmes, the boke of holy Articles, with Canons and rules of dis­cipline in Englishe, the booke of the Queenes Maiesties Iniunctions, the booke of aduertise­ments, the table of degrees of Matrimonie, the ten Commaundementes, and the Byshops In­iunctions, the bookes of peculiar prayer set forth at any tyme, at the costes and charges of the Parishioners.

[Page] 27 Item whether the Paraphrases of Eras­mus, or else the exposition of Master Musculus vpon the Gospell of Saint Mathewe, be hadde and prouided, at the charges of the Parishe and Parson, or Proprietarie, equally borne betwene them.

28 Itē whether the Quire be cumly & orderly kept▪ whether they haue a fayre & cumly Table, of two yeardes and a halfe (if the Quire wyll serue) for the Communion, with a faire linnen cloth to lay vpon the same, and some couering of Silke, Buckram, or such lyke, for the cleane kee­ping thereof.

29 Item whether there bee any within your Parishe that dothe administer vpon the goodes of any deceased, without authoritie from the Or­dinarie, whereby the Infantes and Creditors, commonly be defrauded of their dueties.

30 Item whether the Person, Vicar, or Cu­rate, doth vse any other seruice, than by publique authoritie is sette forth, or alter or chaunge the seruice of the booke of Common prayer, or any parte thereof otherwise than it is sette forthe.

31 Item whether the Person or Vicar hath made a terrey of their glebe Landes, Pastures, Medowes, Closes, or Gardens, belonging vnto their benefice, by the chiefe of their Parishe, and whether they haue presented the sayde terrey, accordingly vnto their Ordiuarie.

32 Item whether the Parson, Vicar, or Cu­rate, hath yerely before the .xx. day after Easter, [Page] exhibited to the Bishop, or his officers, the na­mes and surnames of suche persons in their Pa­rishe, beeing .xiiij. yeares of age, and vpwarde, whiche receyue not the holie Communion. And such also as refuse to be examined by the Mini­ster of the Church, in the Cathechisme.

33 Item, whether any be admitted by his per­son, vicar, or Curate, to be godfathers, and god­mothers, vnlesse they haue receiued the commu­nion, or can say the Cathechisme.

34 Item whether you knowe any person by preaching, or in worde by talke, maynteyning a­ny doctrine against the worde of God, or against the godly articles, or against the booke of seruice confirmed by full authoritie of the Churche of England, and of the whole Realme.

35 Item whether any thing which hath bene complayned of, is not yet redressed.

36 Item whether any in your Paryshe do de­praue or disprayse the boke of Cōmon prayer, in any part (set forth by authritie of Parliament) or speake against the Homelies, or do mayntaine or holde any erronious opinions, contrarie to the worde of God, and the Lawes of the Realme.

37 Item whether there hath beene any fraye made in your Churches, or Churchyards, to the disturbance of Gods seruice, or to the euill exam­ple of the rest of the Paryshe, and if there hath ben, thē you shal present by whom it was made, when, and after what sort.

38 Item whether there be any Scholemaster [Page] within your paryshe that doth teach any Gram­mer schole, either priuately, or openly, whether they be licenced so to teach, howe long they haue taught, and what their names bee.

39 Item whether there bee any Legacies withholden, giuen to the Churche or poore peo­ple, or mending of high wayes, or otherwise by the Testators. In whose handes it is, by whom it is giuen, and by whome it is withholden.

40 Item whether your Churchwardens doe truely Administer the goodes of the Church, and in the presence of the Minister, make a true ac­count of their office yerely, and at the end of their accounte delyuer vp the money, and choose newe Churchwardens once euery yeare.

41 Item whether any man haue put awaye his wife, or any wife absente hirselfe from hir husbande without iust cause or without authori­tie from their Ordinarie, or any that hath mari­ed within the degrees prohibited by the Leuiti­call and other Lawes within this Realme, set forth in that behalfe.

42 Item whether there be any conuenient & strong Chest, for the poore mans Boxe.

43 Itē whether your Person or Vicar, or Cu­rate, do minister the holy cōmunion to any forei­ner, or straunger, cōming out of any other Dio­cesse, without the special Licence of the Byshop, or his officers, or the minister of that place from whence the said Foreiner or stranger doth come.

44 Item whether euery Moneth your Per­son, [Page] Vicar, or Curate, doe reade openly in the Churcht, the Proclamation set out of late by the Queenes Maiestie, for the calling in of seditious Bookes, as Hardings, Saunders, and such like, to bee deliuered to the Ordinarie, according to the tenor and meaning of the sayde Proclamati­on, which Proclamation is to bee hadde at the costes and charges of the paryshe.

45 Item whether they do exercise themselues in godly studie of holy Scriptures, and in ver­tuous bringing vp of youthe, as in teaching of them their Cathechisme, and other Godly exer­cises from time to time.

46 Item whether decently, and orderly they goe in their apparell, according to the Booke of Aduertisements, lately set forth in that behalfe.

47 Item whether they be resident vpon their Benefices, and maintayne Hospitalitie to their habilitie. And whether their Personage houses, and Vicarage houses with other the edifices, and houses of easements thervnto belonging & appertayning, be in good and sufficient reparati­ons, and if they be not resident, whether they let their Benefices to ferme to their Curates accor­ding to the Statute.

48 Item whether they vse to praye for the Queene hir Maiestie in their Churches, and ex­horte the people to obedience of hir grace, and o­ther Magistrates being in authoritie vnder hir.

49 Item whether your Persons, Vicars, or Curates be maried or no, and if they be not, whe­ther [Page] they kepe in their houses any suspected wo­men, vnder the name and coloure of their But­lers, kinswomen, or otherwise.

50 Item whether they obserue and keepe the order for the bringing of the Corse to the buriall, according to the Booke.

51 Item whether they doe visite the sicke and impotent persons, to comfort them in the time of their sicknesse with necessarie doctrine out of ho­ly Scriptures, necessarie for that purpose, in ex­horting them also to cōsider the poore, and other charitable deedes.

52 Item whether your Person or Vicar bou­ght his benefice, or else came to the same, and ob­tayned it by fraude, guile, Simonie, or by any o­ther vnlawful meanes.

53 Item whether your Person, Vicar, or Cu­rate, doe expounde the Scriptures, as the Les­sons, Epistle and Gospell, after they haue read them in the Churche, or Homelies in reading of them, without especiall Licence.

54 Item whether the boke, or Register wher­in the Daye, Moneth, and Yeare, of euery wed­ding, Christening, and Burying is, or ought to bee written and noted, bee well and diligently kept.

55 Item whether you haue at the common charge of the Paryshioners, a cumly and conue­nient Pulpit, sette and placed in a fit place with­in your Church, and the same cleanly and semely kept for the preaching of Gods worde.

[Page] 56 Item whether your Person, Vicar or Cu­rate, were made Priestes in the Reigne of King Henrie the eyght, or Queene Marie. And if hee were, then whether he hath read openly in your Paryshe Churche, the Articles of Religion, ac­cordying too the Statute in that behalfe lately made.

57 Item to inquire of what value the Vica­rage is, if there be any Vicarage in your Parish, and who is the Patron and giuer thereof. And if there bee a Curate, what wages hee hath, and who doth pay it.


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