ARTICLES To be ministred, en­quired of, and answered in the Visi­tation of the right Worshipfull IAMES HVSSEY Doctor of the Ciuill Law and Commissarie generall to the most reuerend Father in God the Lord Archbishop of Canter­bury his Grace within the Citie and Diocesse of Cant.

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The tenour of the Oath to be mini­nistred to the Church-wardens and Sworne-men.

YOu shall sweare, that all affection, fauour, hatred, hope of reward and gaine, or feare of displeasure, or malice set aside, you shall vpon due considera­tion of the Articles giuen you in charge, present all and euery such person of, or within your Parish, as hath com­mitted any offence mentioned in these or any of these Articles, or which are vehemently suspected, and defa­med of any such offence: wherein you shall discharge your consciences vprightly, and according to truth, nei­ther of malice, presenting any contrary to truth, nor of corrupt affection sparing to present any, and so conceale the truth, hauing in this action God before your eyes, with an earnest zeale to maintaine truth, and to suppresse vice: So helpe you God, and by the contents of this Booke.

God saue the King.


INprimis, Booke of Ca­nons. Whether haue you in your seuerall Churches and Chappels the booke of Constitutions or Canons Ec­clesiasticall, ready to be read by your Minister, according to his Maiesties pleasure, published by his Highnesse au­thoritie, vnder the great Seale of England: and whether hath your Minister read the same, or any part thereof vpon Sundayes and Holydayes in the afternoone before diuine Seruice accordingly, yea or not?

2 Item, Articles of Religion. whether is there any in your Parish that doth im­pugne any of the Articles of Religion, agréed vpon in Anno 1562. and established in the Church of England?

3 Item, Pray for the King, &c. whether doth your Minister vse to pray for the Kings Maiestie, King Iames, Frederick the Prince Elector Palatine, with the Lady Elizabeth his wife, and all their royall Progenie, with addition of such stile and Titles as are due and appertaining to his Maiestie, and exhort the peo­ple to obedience to his Highnesse, & other Magistrates being in authoritie vnder him?

4 Item, whether is there any in your Parish, Impugne the Rites or Ce­remonies. that impug­neth or speaketh against the Rites and Ceremonies establi­shed in the Church of England, or the lawfull vse of them? you shall present their names.

5 Item, Impugne the Church go­uernment. are there any in your Parish that do impugne the gouernment of the Church of England, vnder the Kings most excellent Maiestie, by Arch-bishops, Bishops, Deanes, Arch­deacons, and the rest that beare office in the same; affirming that the same is Antichristian, or repugnant to the word of God?

6 Item, Prophaning the Sabboth. whether any persons haue lurked and tippled in Tauernes or Ale-houses on Sundayes or other Holidayes, or vsed his or their manuall craft or trade vpon the said daies, or otherwise prophaned them, or any of them, in any sort, and [Page]especially in the time of Diuine Seruice.

7 Item, Prescript forme of Di­uine Seruice. whether is the prescript forme of diuine Seruice vsed by your Minister vpon Sundayes and Holidayes, accor­ding to the booke of Common Prayer: and whether doth your Minister onely obserue all the orders, rites and ceremonies prescribed in the said booke of Common Prayer, as well in reading publike prayers, the Letanie, as also in administring the Sacraments in such manner and forme as in the booke of Common Prayer is inioyned?

8 Item, Bravvling in Church or Church-yard. whether hath any person in your parish quarrelled or stricken, or vsed any violence vnto, or with your Minister, or any other in the Church or Church-yard, or vsed himselfe disorderly in the Church by filthy and prophane talke, or any other rude and immodest behauiour?

9 Item, Reuerence in time of diuine Seruice. whether is that due reuerence and humble sub­mission vsed within your Church or Chapell in the time of di­uine Seruice, as by the eightéenth Constitution is prescribed: whether each one in the Church or Chappell do apply & order himselfe there, in time of diuine Seruice, as by the latter part of the same Constitution is most commendably inioyned?

10 Item, Bread and vvine at the Communion. whether the Church wardens do prouide against euery Communion, with the aduice of the Minister, a suffici­ent quantitie of fine white bread, and of good and wholesome wine for the number of the communicants that shall receiue, and that to be brought in a cleane and sweets standing pot of pewter, or of other pure mettall?

11 Item, Ministring & receiuing of the Commu­nion. whether doth your Minister administer the holy Communion so often, and at such time, as that euery parishi­oner may receiue the same at least thrice in euery yéere, where­of once at Easter, as by the booke of Common Prayer is ap­pointed: and whether doth your Minister receiue the same himself on euery day, before that he administreth it to others, and vse the words of the institution according to the booke at euery time that the bread or wine is renued, in such manner & forme, as by the prouiso of the 21. Canon is directed, or wher­in he is faultie: and whether is warning giuen by him before hand for the Communion, as the 22. Canon requireth?

12 Whether doth your Minister administer the said Com­munion to any that doth not humbly knéele at the receiuing of [Page]the same? what are the names of them that refuse to kneele at the receiuing thereof?

13 Item, Offenders not to be ad­mitted. whether hath your Minister admitted any noto­rious offenders or schismaticks to the Communion, contrary to the 26 and 27. Constitutions?

14 Item, whether the Minister, No strangers to be admit­ted. togither with the Church-wardens and Quest men, do take diligent heede and care, not onely that all and euery your owne parishioners doe receiue thrice in euery yéere, as aforesaid, but also that no strangers of any other parish doe come often and commonly to your Church from their owne parish Church: and you are now to present the names of all those, who being 16 yeares of age or vpwardes, haue not in their owne parish receiued the Com­munion at or since Easter last?

15 Item, Signe of the Crosse. whether doth your Minister vse to signe the chil­dren with the signe of the crosse when they are baptized, accor­ding to the booke of Common prayer: Refuse to bap­tize. and whether he hath de­ferred, or wilfully refused to baptize any infant in his parish being in danger, hauing beene dulie informed of the weaknes thereof: and whether the childe hath died in his default with­out baptisme; or whether hath he at any time refused or neg­lected to burie the dead, or to minister the Sacrament of the Lords Supper to any being in extremitie of sicknesse, hauing béene required thereunto?

16 Item, Residencie. whether is your Minister continually resident with you vpon his Benefice, or for how long time hath he bin absent: and where is he resident for the most part, and what other Benefice hath he?

17 Item, whether doth your Minister preach vsually, Preaching ac­cording to the Canons. ac­cording to the Constitutions, either in his owne cure with you, or else in some other church or chappell néere adioyning, wherein no Preacher is: or how oft hath he béene negligent in that behalfe.

18 Item, More Cures than one. whether doth your Minister or Curate serue any more Cures than one: if yea, then what other cure doth hee serue?

19 Item, if your Minister be not licensed to preach, Licensed to preach. whe­ther doth he take vpon him to expound the Scriptures, either in his owne cure, or else-where?

[Page] 20 Item, None to preach but licensed. whether hath any person bin admitted to preach within your church or chappell, but such as you haue well knowne to be sufficiently licensed?

21 Item, Preachers to read Seruice, &c twice a yeere. whether doth your Lecturer and Preacher, your Parson or Vicar, read diuine seruice, and administer the Sa­craments in his owne person, twice euery yéere, obseruing all the ceremonies in the Booke of common prayer established?

22 Item, Not to refuse the Commu­nion because the Minister is no Preacher. is there any in your Parish that refuse to haue their children baptized, or themselues to receiue the Commu­nion at the hands of your Minister, because he is no preacher? you shall present their names. And if your Minister, sithence the publishing of the said booke of Canons, hath receiued any such persons (being not of his owne cure) to the communion, or baptized any of their children, you shall likewise present him.

23. Item, whether are there any priuate meetings, assem­blies, or conuenticles, either by day or by night, vsed or had within the Parish by any Minister, or Ministers, or any Lay­persons tending to faction and schisme? Declare the parties names, the places where, the times when, and how often haue you knowne any such meetings, assemblies, or conuen­ticles.

24. Item, Surplice, Hood, &c. whether doth your Minister weare the Surplice whilest he is saying the publike prayers, and ministring the Sacraments: and if he be any Graduate, whether then doth he also weare vpon his Surprice, during the times aforesaid, such a hood as by the order of his Vniuersitie is agreeable to his degree?

25 Item, Catechisme. whether doth your Minister on euery Sunday & Holiday before Euening prayer, for halfe an houre or more, examine and instruct the youth and ignorant persons of his Parish, in the ten Commandements, Articles of Beleefe, and in the Lords Prayer, as also in the Catechisme, set forth in the Booke of common Prayer, and whether doe all Fathers, Mothers, Masters and Mistresses, cause their children, ser­uants and apprentises, to come thither to heare, and to be in­structed and taught therein: and those that do not their duties herein, you shalt present their names?

26 Item, Vnlavvfull marriage. whether hath your Minister, without license from [Page]the Arch-bishop, the Bishop of the Diocesse, or his Chan­cellor, solemnized marriage betwixt any parties, the banes not being thrée seuerall Sundaies or Holidaies first published in time of diuine Seruice, in the seuerall churches or chappels of their seuerall abode, according to the Booke of Common Prayer, and that also betwixt the houres of eight and twelue in the forenoone: and furthermore, whether hath your Mini­ster since the last Canons published, solemnized any marriage betwixt any persons, being vnder the age of one and twentie yéeres, although the hanes be thrice asked, before such time as the parents haue made knowne vnto him their consent there­vnto: and whether hath he married any of another Diocesse, who are they, and by what authoritie, and when?

27 Item, Bid holidayes and fasting-dayes. whether your Minister doe euery Sunday bid Holidaies, and fasting dayes, as by the Booke of Common Prayer is appointed?

28 Item, whether doth your Minister euery sixe moneths, Denounce ex­communicate persons. denounce in his Parish all such of his Parish as doe perseuere in the sentence of excommunication, not seeking to be absol­ued? and whether hath he admitted into the Church any per­son excommunicate, without a certificate of his absolution from the Ordinarie, or his Substitute?

29 Item, whether your Parson, Vicar, or Curate, Excommuni­cated persons not to be pre­sent at publike prayer in the Church. hath ce­lebrated and said diuine Seruice and prayers in the Church, when any person that he knew to be excommunicated or de­nounced for an excommunicate person, was present in the same Church at that time among the Congregation: and whe­ther he hath suffered any excommunicate person (being a member cut off from the Church and from Christian societie) to be partaker of those prayers, and hath not commanded the Church wardens of the parish, or some other, to put him out of the Church, or otherwise ceased from saying any diuine prayers during the time of the presence of such excommunica­ted person thereat, and present: who hath offended herein, and how often?

30 Item, whether your Parson, Vicar or Curate, Staying the publishing of excommuni­cation or sus­pensions. of any your churches or chappels, hauing receiued any excommuni­cation, suspension or aggrauation from his Ordinary, or his Substitute, against any of their parishioners, haue presumed [Page]to make stay of, and not published such excommunication, sus­pension or aggrauation, according to the tenor thereof, the next Sunday or Holiday after the receit of the same in your church or chappell at the time of diuine Seruice: if any bee faultie herein, present their names, and how oft default hath béene made in that behalfe.

31 Item, Visit the sicke. whether is your Minister painfull in visiting the sicke, according to the Booke of Common Prayer?

32 Item, Fauourer of Recusants. whether is your Parson, Vicar or Curats: suspe­cted to frequent, or to be ouer-conuersant with, or a fauourer of Recusants, whereby he is suspected not to be sincere in Religion?

33 Item, Lay persons executing the office of a Mi­nister in the Church. hath any presumed to execute the office of a Mi­nister or Deacon in any your Churches, and to say and cele­brate the diuine Seruice there, or to serue the Cure of your Parish, not being a Minister or Deacon: and whether any Deacon hath presumed to minister the Sacraments in any your Churches, not hauing first receiued the full Orders of Priesthood: if yea, present what his name is, where he dwel­leth; and how often he hath offended herein.

34 Item, Register book. whether is there in your church or chappell one parchment Register Booke prouided for Christnings, Maria­ges and Burials: and whether is the same duely and exactly kept according to the Constitutions in that behalfe prouided?

35 Item, Decencie in apparell. whether doth your Minister vse such decencie and comelinesse in his apparell, as by the 74. Constitution is enioyned?

36 Item, Schoolmaster doth any take vpon him to teach Schoole in your parish without speciall licence of his Ordinarie: and whether doth your Schoolemaster bring his schollers to the Church to heare Diuine Seruice and Sermons: and whether doth he instruct them in the Catechisme?

37 Item, Book of com­mon prayer, and things re­quired in the Church. whether haue you prouided the Booke of Com­mon Prayer, and the Bible of the new Translation lately set forth by his Maiesties authoritie, and the booke of Homilies: and whether haue you in your Church or Chappell a Font of stone set vp in the ancient vsuall place, a conuenient & decent Communion Table, with a carpet of silke, or some other de­cent stuffe, and a faire linnen cloth to lay thereon at the Com­munion [Page]time: and whether is the same Table then placed in such conuenient sort within the Chancell or Church, as that the minister may be best heard in his prayer and administra­tion, and that the greater number may communicate: and whether are the Ten Commandements set vpon the East end of your Church or Chappell, where the people may best see and read them, and other sentences of holy Scriptures writ­ten on the wals also for that purpose?

38 Item, Things neces­sary for diuine Seruice. whether haue you a conuenient seat for your Mi­nister to read seruice in, togither with a comely Pulpit set vp in a conuenient place, with a decent cloth or cushion for the same: a comely large Surplice, a faire Communion cup of gold, siluer, or other pure mettall, and a couer agréeable for the same, with all other things and ornaments necessaris for the celebration of Diuine Seruice, and administration of the Sacraments?

39 Item, whether are your Church or Chappels, Reparation of the Church, Parsonage-house, &c. with the Chancels thereof, and your Parsonages or Vicarage house, and all other housing thereto belonging, in good reparations, and decent and comely kept, as well within as without, the seates well maintained, a sure coffer with three locks & keies for the safe keeping of your Rigister Booke, your Church-yards well sensed and kept without abuse? if not, then through whose default, and what defects are therein?

40 Item, whether do you know, Gifts giuen to the vse of the Church. or haue heard of any lega­cie by any mans wil, or any gift otherwise giuen to the poore, to the church, or to any other holy vses, & not performed or be­stowed according to his will & gift, and in whose handes the same doth now remaine?

41 Item, how many inhabitants within your parish, Recusants. men or women, aboue 16. yeares of age, be Popish Recusants, or do refuse to frequent Diuine Seruice established by publike authoritie of this Realme, or to receiue the holy communion, what be their names, and of what degree, state or trade of life are they? you are to present them all of both sorts.

42 Item, How long they haue bin Recusants. how long the said Popish Recusants haue obsti­nately abstained either from Diuine Seruice, or from the Communion, as is aforesaid: whether any long time, or one­ly since his Maiesties raigne?

[Page] 43 Item, Whether the Minister seeks to reclaim the Recusants. whether is your Minister a Preacher sufficiently qualified: and if he be, whether doth be from time to time after quiet and temperate conference to reclaime the Popish Recu­sants from their errors: and whether they or any of them doe refuse such conference with your Minister, or any other prea­cher, who shall present vnto them his diligence in ye behalfe?

44 Item, Excommuni­cate persons. what persons aforesaid within your Parish, ei­ther for the offence aforesaid, or for any other contumacie or crime, doe remaine excommunicate, what be their names, and for what cause, & how long they haue so stood excommunicate?

45 Item, Church-war­dens & Side­men. whether were you the Church-wardens and Quest-men chosen by the consent of the Minister & Parishio­ners: and whether haue the Church-wardens before you, gi­uen vp a iust account for their time, and deliuered to you their successors whatsoeuer money, or other things of right belong­ing to the Church, that was in their hands: and whether doe you, & euery of you diligently see, that all the parishioners, do duely resort to their Church euery Sunday and Holiday, and there continue the whole time of diuine Seruice, and none to walke or stand idle, or talking in the Church, or church-porch, or Church-yard, during that time: and whether do all the pa­rishioners and their families accordingly frequent their pa­rish Church, and there behaue themselues soberly, attentiuely and decently, all the time of Diuine Seruice, yea or no? if no, then you shall present their names.

46 Item, All resort to Church, and receiue thrice a yeere. whether doe all persons aboue the age of sixtéene yéeres vsually resort to heare diuine Seruice vpon Sundaies and Holidayes appointed: and whether hath each one of your parishioners (being aboue the age of sixtéene yeeres aforesaid) receiued the holy Communion thrice this last yéere, & chiefly once at Easter last, in your parish Church knéeling? if no, then you shall present their names which haue not so done.

47 Item, Parish Clarke. whether haue you a fit parish Clark, aged twenty yéeres at least, of honest conuersation, and sufficient for rea­ding and writing: and whether he be paid his wages without fraud, according to the most ancient custome of your parish: if not, then by whom he is so defrauded and denied? and whe­ther he be chosen by the Parson, or Vicar, or by whom?

48 Item, Table for ma­iages. whether haue any in your parish béene married [Page]within the prohibited degrées, forbidden by the Law of God, and expressed in a certaine Table, published by authoritie in the yéere 1563. if yea, then shall you present their names, and whether haue you the said Table publikely set vp in your Church, and fastned to some conuenient place there?

49 Item, whether doth any heretofore diuorced, Persons di­uorced. keepe companie with any other at bed and at bord, what be their names, when and where were they married?

50 Item, To giue thankes after child-birth. doth your Minister vse the forme of thanksgiuing to women after childbirth: and whether hath he admitted any thereunto that was begotten with child in adultery, or forni­cation, without licence of his Ordinarie? And whether haue any married wiues refused to come to church according to the Booke of Common Prayer, to giue God thankes after child­birth, in such vsuall and decent manner, as anciently hath bin accustomed? if any be faultie herein, you shall present their names.

51 Item, whether haue you any in your parish, Incontinent persons, drun­kards, svvea­rers, &c. to your knowledge, or by common same and report, which haue com­mitted adulterie, fornication, or incest, which haue not beene publikely punished to your knowledge: if yea, then with whom: or any man that hath attempted the chastitie of any woman, or hath sollicited any woman, to the intent to haue the carnall knowledge of her bodie, or any in your Parish to bee Bawds, or receiuers of any such persons, or suspected of any the crimes aforesaid: are there any that are, or by common fame and report are reputed and taken to be such persons, or be commō drunkards, blasphemers of Gods holy name, com­mon & vsuall swearers, filthy speakers, vsurers, symoniacall persons, fighters, brawlers, or quarrellers in Church or Church-yard? you shall not faile to present their names.

52 Item, Harbouring incontinent persons. whether haue any in your parish receiued or har­boured any woman begotten with childe out of wedlock, and suffered them to depart againe without punishment first infli­cted on them by their Ordinarie: you shall truely present as well the partie harbouring, as harboured, and who is suspe­cted to be the Father of her childe?

53 Item, Wills. whether are there in your Parish any Wils not yet prooued: you shall not faile to present the Executors, and [Page]all others [...]

54 Item, Witches and such like. [...] your Parishes, any witches, southsayers, [...]ers, charmers, sorcerers, or any that be suspected for such persons: present their names, and what speciall hurt they haue committed?

55 Item, Hospitals and Almes-houses whether there be any Hospitals or Almeshouses in your Parish, and whether the same be vsed, kept, & ordered according to the foundations, lawes, and statutes thereof, and in whom the fault is, that they are not so vsed and kept?

56 Item, Perambula­tion. whether your Parson, Vicar or Curate doth v­sually euery yéere in the Rogation weeke, gee with the Pari­shioners in the perambulations about the Parish, according to the custome and vse of ancient time, and doth say the pray­ers and suffrages appointed for the same?

57 Item, Fift of August to be kept Holy-day. whether is the fift day of August (being the day of the Kings Maiesties most happy deliuerance from the trai­terous and bloudie attempt of the Earle Gowry and his bro­ther, with their adherents) obserued and kept festiuall within your parish, with prayer and thanksgiuing, and with cessation from labor, as by publike authoritie it is appointed: and whe­ther haue you in your parish the booke published by authority, which containeth the forme of prayer, with thanksgiuing ap­pointed for that day: and whether is the fift day of Nouem­ber obserued and kept festiuall, Gun-povvder Treason. Nouemb. 5. Any thing else. as by a speciall act of Parlia­ment in that case prouided, is appointed?

58 Doe you know of any other matter of Ecclesiasticall cognizance worthy the presentment in your iudgement, which you hold fit to be reformed? if you do, you shall like wise pre­sent the same by vertue of your Oathes aforesaid.


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