¶ Articles to be enquired in the visita­tion, in the firste yere of the raigne of our moste dread So­ueraigne Lady, Elizabeth by the grace of GOD, of Englande, Fraunce, and Irelande, Queene, defendour of the faith. &c.

Anno. 1559.


FYrst,1 Residencie. whether any Parson, Vicar, or Curate, be residēt continually vpon his Benefice, do­yng his duetie in preachyng, redyng and duelye mini­stryng the holye Sacramentes.

Item,2 False mira­cles. whether in their Churches and Chappelles, all Images, Shrynes, all Ta­bles, Candelstickes, Trindelles, or rolles of war, pictures, payntynges, and all other monumen­tes of fayned and false miracles, pylgrymages, Idolatrye, and superstition, be remoued, aboly­shed, and destroyed.

Item,3 Lordes prayer. whether they do not euery Holydaye when they haue no Sermon, immediatly after the Gospell, openly, playnely, and distinctly, re­syte to theyr paryshioners in the Pulpitte, the Lordes prayer, the beliefe, and the tenne Com­maundementes in Englyshe.

Item,4 To bryng vp youth. whether they do charge fathers and mothers, maisters, and gouernours of youth, to bryng them vp in some vertuous studye and oc­cupation.

[Page] Item,5 Curates. whether suche beneficed menne as be lawfully absent from their benefices, do leaue theyr cures to a rude and vnlearned Parson, and not to an honest well learned and expert Curate whiche can and wyll teache you holsome doc­trine.

Item,6 Reatyng the Scrip­tures. whether they do discourage any person from readyng of any part of the Byble, eyther in Latin or Englyshe, and do not rather comfort and exhort euery person to reade the same at con­uenient tymes, as the very lyuely worde of God, and the speciall foode of mans soule.

Item,7 Tauernes and games. whether Parsons, Vicars, Curates, and other Ministers, be common haunters and re­sorters to Tauernes or Alehouses, geuyng them selues to drynkyng, ryotyng, and playing at vn­lawfull games, and do not occupy them selues in the reading or hearing of some part of holy scrip­ture, or in some other godly exercise.

Item,8 Preachers. whether they haue admitted any man to preache in theyr cures, not beyng lawefullye licenced therevnto, or haue ben licenced accor­dyngly.

Item,9 Superstitiō whether they vse to declare to theyr paryshioners any thyng to the extollyng or set­tyng forth of vayne and superstitious religion, pylgrimages, reliques, or ymages, or lyghtyng [Page]of candelles, kyssyng, kneelyng, or deckyng of the same ymages.

Item,10 Register. whether they haue one booke or Regi­ster kepte, wherein they wryte the day of euery weddyng, christenyng, and burying.

Item,11 Obedience. whether they haue exhorted the people to obedience to the Queenes Maiestie, and mini­sters, and to charitie and loue one to another.

Item,12 The Sacra­ment. whether they haue admonyshed theyr paryshioners, that they ought not to presume to receyue the Sacrament of the body and bloud of Christe, before they can saye perfectly the Lordes prayer, the articles of the fayth, and the ten com­maundementes in Englyshe.

Item,13 Hospitalitie whether they be resident vppon their benefices, and kepe hospitalitie, or no. And yf they be absent and kepe no hospitalitie, whether they do relieue their parishioners, and what they geue them.

Item,14 Reparati­ons. whether Proprietaries. Parsons, Vi­cars, and Clarkes, hauyng Churches, Chappels, and Mansions, do kepe theyr Chauncels, Recto­ries, Vicarages, and all other houses appertay­nyng to them, in due reparations.

Item,15 Prayer in Englyshe. whether they do counsayle or moue theyr parishioners rather to praye in a tongue not knowen, then in Englyshe, or put theyr [Page]trust in any certayne number of prayers, as in saying ouer a number of Beades,Beades. or other lyke.

Item,16 Diffamed persons. whether they haue receyued any per­sons to the Communion, beyng openly knowen to be out of charitie with theyr neyghbours, or diffamed with any notorious cryme, and not re­fourmed.

Item,17 Pooremens boxe. whether they haue prouided and haue a strong Chest for the poore mens boxe, and set and fastened the same in a place of the Churche most conuenient.

Item,18 Testamen­tes. whether they haue diligently called vp­pon, exhorted, and moued theyr parissioners, and especially when they make theyr testamentes, to geue to the sayd poore mens boxe, and to bestowe that vpon the poore,Pooremens boxe. whiche they were wont to bestowe vpon pylgrimages, pardons, trentalles, and vpon other lyke blynde deuotions.

Item,19 Sicke. Buriall. whether they haue denyed to visite the sicke, or burye the dead, beyng brought to the Churche.

Item,20 Symonie. whether they haue bought theyr bene­fices, or come to them by fraude, guyle, deceipt, or simonie.

Item, whether they haue geuen open moni­tion to theyr parishioners,21 Adulterers. to detect and present [Page]to theyr Ordinarie, all adulterers, and fornica­tours, and such men as haue two wyues lyuying, within theyr paryshes.

Item, whether they haue monished theyr pa­rishioners openly, that they should not sell, geue,22 Churche goodes. nor otherwyse alienate anye of theyr Churche goodes.

Item,23 Many bene­fices. whether they or any of them do kepe mo benefices and other Ecclesiasticall promoti­ons, then they ought to do, not hauyng sufficient licences and dispensations therevnto, and howe many they be, and theyr names.

Item,24 Cōmunion whether they minister the holye Com­munion any otherwyse, then onlye after suche fourme and maner as it is set forth by the com­mon aucthoritie of the Queenes Maiestie and the Parliament.

Item,25 Letters of the word or preachyng. whether you knowe any person with­in your paryshe, or els where, that is a letter of the worde of God to be read in Englyshe, or sin­cerely preached in place and times conuenient.

Item,26 Goers out of the Churche. whether in the tyme of the Letanye, or any other common prayer, in the tyme of the Sermon or Homylye, and when the Priest rea­deth the Scriptures to the paryshioners, any person haue departed out of the Churche, with­out iuste and necessarye cause, or disturbe the [Page]Minister otherwyse.

Item,27 Churche money. whether the money commyng and ry­syng of any cattell or other moueable stockes of the Church, and money geuen and bequeathed to the fyndyng of torches, lyghtes, tapers, or lam­pes, not payde out of any landes, haue not ben employed to the poore mens cheste.

Item,28 Kepers of the Church money. who hath the sayde stockes and money in theyr handes, and what be theyr names.

Item,29 Contempt of Priestes. whether any indiscrete persons do vn­charitably comtemne and abuse Priestes & Mi­ministers of the Churche.

Item,30 The kinges Grammer. whether there be any other Grammer taught in any scoole within this Diocesse, then that which is set forth by the aucthoritie of kyng Henry the eyght.

Item,31 The tyme of seruice. whether the seruice of the Churche be done at due and conuenient houres.

Item,32 Talkers in the Church whether any haue vsed to common, iangle, and talke in the Churche, in the tyme of the prayer, readyng of the Homylye, preachyng, readyng, or declaring of the Scripture.

Item,33 Heresies. whether any haue wylfully mayntey­ned and defended any heresies, errours, or false opinions, contrary to the fayth of Christ and ho­lye Scripture.

[Page] Item, whether any he common dronkardes,34 Dronkards swearers, or blasphemers of the name of God.

Item,35 Adulterers. whether any haue committed adulte­rye, fornication, or incest, or be common bawdes, or receyuers of such euill persons, or vehemently suspected of any of the premisses.

Item,36 Brawlers. whether any be brawlers, slaunderers, chyders, scolders, and sowers of discorde betwene one person and another.

Item,37 Sorcerers. whether you knowe any that do vse charmes, sorcerye, enchauntmentes, inuocati­ons, circles, witchcraftes, southsaying, or any lyke craftes or imaginations inuented by the de­uyll, and speciallye in the tyme of womens tra­uayle.

Item, whether the Churches, Pulpittes,38 Pulpittes. and other necessaryes apperteynyng to the same, be sufficiently repayred, and yf they be not, in whose default the same is.

Item, whether you knowe any,39 Resorters to other Churches. that in con­tempt of theyr owne parishe Churche, do resort to any other Churche.

Item, whether any Inholders,40 Inholders. or Alehouse kepers, do vse commonly to sell meate and drinke in the tyme of common prayer, preachyng, rea­dyng of the Homylyes or Scripture.

[Page] Item,41 Diuorse. whether you knowe any to be marryed within the degrees prohibited by the lawes of God, or that be seperated or diuorsed without the degrees prohibited by the lawe of God, and whe­ther any suche haue marryed agayne.

Item,42 Priuie con­tractes. whether you knowe any to haue made priuie contractes of Matrimonie, not callyng two or mo wytnesses thervnto, nor hauyng ther­to the consent of theyr parentes.

Item,43 Banes. whether they haue maryed solempnly, the banes not fyrst lawfully asked.

Item,44 Executou [...]s whether you knowe any Executours or administratours of dead mens goodes, which do not duely bestowe suche of the sayde goodes as were geuen and bequeathed, or appoynted to be distributed among the poore people, repayryng of hygh wayes, fyndyng of poore scollers, or ma­rying of poore maydens, or suche other lyke cha­ritable deedes.

Item,45 Images. whether you knowe any that kepe in theyr houses vndefaced, and Images, Cables, Pictures, payntynges, or other monumentes of fayned and false miracles, pilgrimages, ydolatry and superstition, and do adore them, and special­lye suche as haue ben set vp in Churches, Chap­pelles, or Oratories.

Item,46 Bookes. what bookes of Gods Scripture you [Page]haue deliuered to be burnt, or otherwyse destroy­ed, and to whom ye haue deliuered the same.

Item, what brybes the accusers, promoters,47 Brybes. persecuters, Ecclesiasticall iudges, and other the Commissioners appoynted within the seuerall Diocesse of this Realme, haue receyued by them selues or other, of those persons whiche were in trouble, apprehended, or imprysoned for Reli­gion.

Item, what goodes, moueable landes, fees,48 Losse of goodes. offices, or promotions, hath ben wrongfully ta­ken away in the time of Queene Maries raigne, [...]om any person whiche fauoured the Religion [...]we set forth.

Item,49 Howe ma­nye burnt howe many persons for Religion haue dyed by fyre, famine, or otherwyse, or haue ben imprisoned for the same.

Item,50 Certificat of the dear that you make a true presentment of the number of all the persons whiche dyed with­ [...]n your parishes, sithen the feast of Saint Iohn [...]e Baptist, whiche was in the yere of our Lorde God a thousande fyue hundreth fiftie and eyght, [...]nto the same feast last past. Makyng therein a playne distinct declaration, howe many men, women, and men chyldren the same were. And the names of the men.

Item,51 Secrete Masses. whether ye knowe any man in your [Page]paryshe, secretelye or in vnlawfull conuenticles, say or heare Masse, or any other seruice prohibi­ted by the lawe.

Item,52 False ru­mours. whether you knowe any person in your paryshe, to be a flaunderer of his neigh­bours, or a sower of discorde betwene partie and partie, man and wyfe, parentes and their chyl­dren, or that hath inuented, bruted, or set foorth any rumours,Vnlawfull bookes. false and sedicions tales, slaun­ders, or makers, bryngers, byers, sellers, kepers, or conueyers of any vnlawfull bookes, whiche myght stirre or prouoke sedition, or mayntayne superstitious seruice within this Realme, or an, aydours, counsaylours, procurers, or may [...] ­ners thervnto.

Item, whether the Churche of your paryshe be nowe vacant or no,53 Patron. Tythes. Vacation. who is the Patrone ther­of, howe longe it hath ben vacant, who doth re­ceyue the tythes, oblations, and other commodi­ties during the time of the vacation, and by what aucthoritie, and in what estate the sayde Church is at this time, and howe long the Parson or Vi­car hath had that Benefice.

Item,54 Minstrelles. whether any Minstrelles, or any other persons do vse to syng or say any songes or dit­ties that be vyle or vncleane, and especially in derision of any Godly order nowe set forth and establyshed.

[Page] ⟨Item, 55 Letanie in English. whether the Letany in English with the Epistle and Gospell which was by the Queenes-highnesse proclamation willed to be read to the peo­ple, were put in vse in your Churches and if not, - who were the letters thereof.⟩

⟨Item,56 Distinct reading. whether the Curates and ministers doe lei­surelie, plainely, and distinctly reade the publique prayers, Chapters and Homilies, as they ought to doe.⟩

God saue the Queene.


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