The Royall Line of Kings, Queenes, and Princes, from the vniting of the two Royall Houses, Yorke, and Lancaster.

[portrait of King Henry VII]
[portrait of King Henry VIII]
[portrait of King Edward VI]
[portrait of Queen Mary I]
[portrtait of Queen Elizabeth I]
[portrait of King James I]
[portrait of Prince Henry]
[portrait of Queen Anne]
[portrait of Prince Charles]
[portrait of Elizabeth of Bohemia]
[portrait of King Frederick V of Bohemia]
OF these, the first, is He, that did Vnite,
The two sweet Roses; made Contention, Peace:
The second, He, at whose Maiestique sight,
All that opposd him did recoile and cease.
The third, young Edward, of that name the sixt,
Where pious thoughts and Royall bloud were mixt.
The Fourth Queene Mary; (in this steame, a staine,)
To Rome, a friend, but to the Truth, a Foe;
The Fift Eliza, in whose blessed Raigne,
Not any roome was left, for Rome, to show
A wooden God, to kneele to: Truth and She.
One Septer swaied, with one cleere eye did see.
The Sixt is He, that now makes Englands Seate,
The Seate of Vertue, (that including all,
The Stocke of Goodnesse) One, as Good as Great,
Before whose Shine, Clowded abuses fall:
The seauenth, that Prince, that while he heere did liue,
As Faire Hopes gaue, as ere fresh youth could giue.
The Eight, Queene Anne, The Ninth, the Royall Charles:
The Tenth Elizabeth (of these) the last
Her Royall Husband: All these, Lucent Pearles
That in their Vertues, such a luster cast,
As all admire, and Loue. Who to the Fame
Of these beare Enuie, may they end in Sham [...]

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