Glossary indef. art., card. num. (adj.) and pron. (1) indef. art. a, an: a (before cons.) P. 92, etc.; an (before vowel or h) P. 52, etc. (2) card. num. (adj.) one, (a) single: a (before cons.) P. 19, etc.; an (before cons.) P. 19, etc.; anes gen. P. 104. (3) pron. one: an P. 8, etc. (þe ~ the (first) one P. 8; in ~ as one, in one manner P. 24). adv. always *P. 24n, etc. (eauer ant ~ eternal, for ever and ever *P. 24n). prep. against, in opposition to P. 106. conj. but P. 6, etc. v. auxil., pr. 3 sg. ought to, should P. 110; ahe pr. pl. (before neg. adv.) P. 25; ahen pr. pl. P. 19, etc., ~ ... to P. 24, etc.; ahte pa. t. 3 sg. should (have been) P. 9. adj. and pron. (1) adj. sg. all P. 23, etc.; alle dat. P. 16; alles gen. sg. P. 16 (~ weis in every way); alle pl. P. 18, etc. (2) pron. all, everything P. 14, etc. (~ meast almost all, nearly everything P. 47); ~ togeder the whole thing, everything together P. 93); alle pl. all, everyone, everything P. 19, etc. (bimong ~ amongst them all, in particular P. 6; ouer ~ above all, especially P. 46; ~ togederes all (of them) together P. 86). adv. entirely, completely P. 12 (~ hu all about how, completely how P. 12). adj. old P. 31; alde wk. P. 45. adv. finally, lastly, P. 115, etc. demon. adv. likewise, just so P. 67, etc. (~ of oðerhwet likewise in other things P. 85). adv. entirely, in just the same way P. 86. v. intr., pr. 1 sg. am P. 78, etc. See also aren, beon, is. n.recluse (anchoress or anchorite) P. 32, etc.; ancren pl. P. 16, etc.; Ancrene gen. pl. for anchoresses P. 2. adv.alone, only P. 22, etc.; alone, in a solitary way P. 87 (bi him ~ on his (or her) own). n. sg. uniformity, unity P. 83, etc. n. sg. unity, unanimity, agreement P. 82. conj. and P. 2, etc. n. apostle P. 57; apostle P. 71. v. intr., pr. pl. are P. 102. See also am, beon, is adv. and conj. Forms: as P. 9, etc.; ase P. 9, etc. Senses: (1) demon. adv. (correl.) as, so (in comparisons preceding adj. or adv.): P. 91 (~ wel as), etc. (2) rel. adv. and conj. (a) (in comparisons, after correl. as(e)) as P. 92 (ase wel ~), etc. (b) (with nominal antecedent, after swucche) as, that P. 114. (c) (expressing similarity) like, as it were, in the form of P. 14, etc. (~ heast as (if it were) an obligation P. 35, etc.; ~ þah as though, as if P. 55; (al) swuch ~ just as, just the same as P. 85, etc.; bute ~ nothing but, only P. 94, etc.; ~ he were as if he were P. 104). (d) (offering examples) like, such as P. 37, etc. (~ of as with, as in the case of P. 40). (e) (expressing manner) just as, in the way that P. 56, etc. (insofar as, according to how P. 34). See also þer-as. adj., pron., and adv. (1) adj. both P. 75, etc. (~ twa both of those two P. 79). (2) pron. both. adj., pron., and adv. (1) adj. both P. 77, etc. (2) pron. both. (3) adv. both. n. pl. prayers P. 41 v. intr., infin. be P. 52, etc.; beo P. 30, etc.; beoð pr. pl. are P. 4, etc. ((there) are, exist P. 6, etc.); beo pr. subj. sg. (may) be, is P. 20, etc.; beon pr. subj. pl. (may) be, are P. 43, etc. See also am, aren, art, is. v. tr., infin. bear, conduct P. 13 (~ him reflex. conduct oneself). adj., comp. better P. 32. adv., comp. better P. 49 (se lengre se ~ the longer the better); best sup. best P. 18, etc. prep. according to P. 35; concerning, about P. 77; by (oneself) P. 87, etc. (~ him ane by him (or her) self, alone P. 87). v. intr., pr. 3 sg. begins P. 2. v. tr., infin. promise, vow P. 35, etc.; bihat pr. 3 sg. P. 38, etc.; bihaten pr. subj. pl. P.50; bihaten pp. P. 43, etc. n. belief, faith P. 11. prep. amongst P. 6 (~ alle amongst them all, in particular). v. tr. (with dat. of possessor), pr. 3 sg. takes away (from) P. 110. v. tr., pr. 3 sg. binds, commits P. 38 (~ hire reflex.). n. bishop P. 37. v. intr., pr. 3 sg. bids, asks P. 33. v. tr., pr. subj. sg. betokens, symbolizes P. 84. P. 78; blake wk. P. 81; blake pl. P. 76, etc.; as n. (the colour) black: blacP. 71. vbl. n. blood-letting P. 115. n. book P. 47, etc.; bokes pl. P. 96. n.request P. 6 (þurh ower ~ because of your request); bonen pl. prayers P. 31, etc. v. tr., pr. 3 sg. breaks P. 39; breken pa. t. pl. P. 50. n. brother P. 58n. n. breaking, breach (of a promise) P. 39. prep. and conj. (1) prep. except, apart from P. 22, etc.; beyond, in more than P. 35; with adv. function ne ... ~ only P. 14, etc. (2) conj. unless P. 43. adj., pl., as n. cold, scanty things (clothing) P. 27. adj. canonical P. 60. n. P. 81n. v. tr., infin. change P. 28, etc. (~ hire reflex. P. 28; þet stude ... ~ P. 37 move, change dwelling). vbl. n. change, changing P. 24. n. pl. chapters P. 102. n. chastity P. 36. n. charity P. 10, etc. n., pl. children P. 62, etc. see wule. n., pl. clothes P. 77, etc. adj. pure, unsullied P. 61, etc.; (of conscience) clean, clear P. 10, etc. v. tr., pr. pl. call, name P. 97; cleopede pa. t. 1 sg. P. 26; icleopet pp. P. 58. n. educated woman, female scholar P. 30. v. tr., pr. 3 sg. knows, is familiar with P. 33. n. lump, bump P. 8n. n. comfort, relief P. 106. v. intr., pr. subj. sg. comes P. 88. n. nature P. 105. n., gen. sg. of a kind, type P. 104 (anes ~ fuheles birds of one (particular) kind); cunne gen. pl. P. 6 (monie ~ riwlen rules of many kinds). n. outer garment P. 76n. n. cowl P. 82n. n. religious community P. 86. adj. free, clear, excused (from an obligation) P. 30. n.part, section P. 53, etc.; dalen pl. P. 63, etc. adv. mortally, in a deadly way P. 39 (sunegeð ~ commits a mortal sin). n., gen. sg. of death P. 37 (~ dred fear of death). n., pl. deeds, acts P. 12. n. day P. 5 (moni ~ (for) many a day, for a long time). v. tr., imp. sg. judge, deem P. 90. adj. beloved *P. 4. v. tr., pr. 3 sg. describes P. 62, etc.; descriuet pp. *P. 60. n.despair P. 52. n.section (of a work), 'distinction' P. 102; destinctiuns pl. P. 97. see don. vbl. n. hair-cutting P. 115. n. hollow, pit P. 8n. v. tr. and intr. Forms: don infin. P. 38, etc.; do P. 40, etc.; deð pr. 3 sg. P. 14; doð pr. pl. P. 56, etc.; do imp. sg. P. 90; doð imp. pl. P. 54. Senses: (1) do, perform (tr.) P. 14, etc. (~ infin. to be done P. 42; to do, the doing of P. 92) (2) do, act, behave (intr.) P. 56, etc. n. fear, dread P. 31, etc. (is þe leasse ~ of there is less fear about, gives less cause for anxiety P. 31). v. tr., infin. to drink P. 13. n. drink P. 40, etc. n. humility P. 43. card. num. (adj.) eight P. 96, etc. ord. num. (adj.) eighth P. 112. adv. earlier, previously, before P. 70, etc.; earst sup. first, firstly P. 112. adj., comp. earlier, first P. 65; as n. earlier, preceding (part) P. 99; earste sup. first, earliest P. 53, etc. see ear. see earre. n., pl. enquirers, people who ask P. 79 (þe ~ of ower ordre those who ask about your order). v. intr., pr. 3 sg.asks P. 56, etc. (~ of þe asks, requires of you P. 90); easki pr. pl. (before pers. pron.) P. 16; easkið pr. pl. P. 76; easkið imp. pl. P. 59. adv. always P. 10, etc.; ever, at all P. 14. adj. even, level P. 8. prep.according to P. 5, etc. (P. 26n.); corresponding to P. 102; after, following P. 99; for *P. 5 (icrauet ... ~ asked for, asked after); ~ þet conj. accordingly as, in the way that P. 18. adj. any P. 56. pron. each (of the two) P. 64. adv. else P. 27 (for na þing ~ for no other purpose). v. tr., infin. comfort, strengthen P. 68. n.end P. 48 (þe leaste ~ the very end). adj. and pron.(1) adj. any P. 67. (2) pron. any (one) P. 50. v. tr., infin. eat P. 13 (hu ~ how to eat). n. epistle P. 60. adj. wretched, weak P. 31n. adj. and pron.(1) adj. each, every P. 22, etc. (2) indef. pron. each one, every one P. 18, etc. indef. pron.each one P. 98; euchanes gen. sg. of each one P. 29. n. means, capacity P. 29. v. tr., pr. 3 sg. compares, likens P. 104. v. intr., infin. fall P. 52; falleð pr. 3 sg. P. 98 (~ efter falls after, follows on from); falleð pr. pl. P. 112, etc. (~ þer-abuten relate thereto). adj.false P. 93 (a ~ gile hypocrisy). n. Father P. 68; Feaderes gen. sg. P. 2. see federles. v. intr., infin. fast P. 27 (makeð ~ causes one to fast). adj. fatherless P. 67; federlese pl. *P. 61; feaderlese pl. *P. 66. ord. num. (adj.) fourth P. 106. card. num. (adj.)five P. 101, etc.; fiue wk. (after n.) P. 102. ord. num. (adj.) fifth P. 108. n. fish P. 40. n. fly P. 72, etc. see flesch. n. meat P. 40; fles flesh, physical form P. 28 (moni ~ many a flesh, the flesh of many a person). adj., pl. carnal, of the flesh P. 106. n. food P. 69. n., pl. temptations P. 106. prep. and conj. (1) prep. for, on account of, for the sake of P. 17, etc. (2) conj. for, because P. 14, etc. See also forte, for-þi. v. tr., pr. subj. sg. (may) forbid P. 52 (þet Godd ~ ow may God forbid that for you). v. tr., infin. abstain P. 40 (flesch ~ abstaining from meat). v. tr., pp. lost P. 67, etc. prep. to, in order to (followed by infin.) P. 14, etc. (~ beon in being, that one will be P. 52). adv. for that reason, therefore P. 24, etc. adj. free P. 42. prep. from (of protection) P. 62, etc. n. beginning P. 47. n., pl.birds P. 104, etc. adv. very, extremely P. 30 (~ wel very properly). v. tr., pa. t. subj. sg. might find P. 59. n. invention P. 23, etc. v. intr., infin. go P. 68 (~ iseon to go and see, the going to see); gað pr. pl. P. 66; ga imp. sg. walk, travel P. 91. adj. pl. spiritual P. 106. n., gen. sg. Spirit's P. 2. n.guile P. 93 (a fals ~ hypocrisy). n. gnat P. 57, etc. adj. good, virtuous P. 75, etc.; gode pl. P. 64, etc. n. good, goodness, virtue *P. 23, etc. n.God P. 30, etc.; Godes gen. sg. P. 4, etc. n. grace P. 7, etc. adj., pl. coarse, rough P. 75. adj., wk. grey P. 82. pers. pron. 3 sg. fem., nom. she P. 18, etc.; it (of the inner rule) P. 24; hire acc. her P. 22, etc. (reflex. herself P. 38, etc.); if (of the heart, of the inner rule, etc.) P. 22, etc.; hire dat. her P. 33, etc.; it (of the outer rule) P. 18 (~ seoluen herself P. 77); hire poss. adj. her P. 4, etc.; its (of the inner rule) P. 17. pers. pron. 3 pl., nom. they P. 43, etc.; ham acc. them P. 46, etc.; ham dat. them P. 50, etc.; hare poss. adj. their P. 75, etc. v. tr. and auxil. Forms: habben infin. P. 32, etc.; haueð pr. 3 sg.P. 67, etc.; habbeð pr. pl. *P. 5, etc.; habbeð imp. pl. P. 54; hefden pa. t. pl. P. 55, etc. Senses: (1) tr. (a) have, possess P. 84, etc. (þe habbeð who have, to whom belongs P. 65); (b) keep, hold to P. 32, etc. (2) auxil. have (a) with tr. v. P. 67, etc.; (b) with intr. v *P. 5. n. habit, i.e., outer garment P. 85. v. tr., infin. keep, observe P. 16, etc.; haldeð pr. pl. P. 48; ihalden pp. P. 34. vbl. n. keeping, observing P. 44. adj. holy P. 2, etc. n. holiness P. 58, etc. see ha(2). see ha(2). v. tr., pr. 3 sg. orders, commands P. 33. see habben. pers. pron. 3 sg. masc., nom. he P. 33, etc.; him acc. him P. 62, etc. (reflex. himself, oneself P. 13, etc.; ~ seolf himself P. 104); him dat. him, to him P. 58, etc.; it (of each part of the rule) P. 98 (~ seolf itself); his poss. adj. his P. 37, etc. adj. pl. harsh, rough P. 75; as n. rough things (clothing) P. 27. n. pl. hardships P. 28. n. hermit P. 87. n. command, obligation P. 35, etc. (bihaten ase ~ promise as (if it were) an obligation); heaste P. 23, etc. (Godes ~ God's precept, command); heastes pl. P. 44, etc. (ten ~ ten commandments P. 44). n. mortal sin P. 67. see habben. v. tr., infin. help P. 61, etc. (~ to help, the helping of P. 61, etc.). n. heart P. 8, etc. n., dat. heaven P. 68, etc. adv. here P. 2, etc. See also her-in, her-towart, her-uore. v. tr., imp. sg. listen to P. 88. n., pl. hair-shirts P. 75. adj. comp., as n. superior P. 38. adv. in this (matter) P. 81 (~ is religiun this is what the religious life consists in). adv. towards this P. 94. adv. for this (purpose) P. 93. see he. see ha(1). see he and hit. pers. pron. 3 sg. neut., nom. it (with ref. to most inanimate, abstract, and non-human antecedents) P. 14, etc.; it, the case, the circumstance (as formal subject, without ref. to n. or pron.) P. 18, etc.; hit acc. it P. 38, etc.; his poss. adj. its P. 64. n. hood P. 81. n. hand P. 38 (nimeð þing on ~ undertakes something). interrog. adv. how, in what way P. 12, etc. (al ~ all about how P. 12). v. tr., infin. hurt, cause pain to P. 51. rel. pron. indef. whoever P. 38. rel. adv. when, whenever P. 40, etc. interrog. adv. where, the place where P. 59. See also hwer-of, hwer-se. rel. adv.from where, from which P. 87. rel. adv. wherever P. 87, etc. adj. and pron. (1) interrog. adj. what P. 16, etc. (2) interrog. pron. what P. 59, etc. (3) indef. pron. something P. 103 (of euch ~ something of each one). See also hwet-se. rel. pron. indef. whatever P. 33. interrog. conj. whether P. 76, etc. interrog. adv. why, for what reason P. 110, etc. conj. while, for the time that P. 42. adj. white P. 78; hwite wk. P. 82; hwite pl. P. 75, etc.; as n. (the colour) white: hwit P. 71. adj. and pron.(1) interrog. adj. which P. 89, etc. (2) interrog. pron. which P. 60. prep. Forms: i before cons. P. 2, etc.; in before vowel or h P. 24, etc.; inne clause-final P. 102. Senses: (1) in (of place, position) P. 47, etc. (2) in (of state, condition) P. 24, etc. (~ an as one, in one manner P. 24; ~ freo wil in (a state of) free will P. 42) (3) into (implying motion, development, division) P. 52, etc. (4) (of instrumentality) in, by means of P. 39; in, through, by virtue of P. 2 (~ þe ... nome in the name (of)). v. tr., pp. remedied, atoned for P. 9, etc. v. tr., pp. saved P. 52 (forte beon ~ in being saved, that one will be saved). pres. pron. 1 sg., nom. I P. 6, etc.; me dat. me P. 5, etc.; mi poss. adj. (before cons.) my P. 35; mine pl. P. 5, etc. see cleopieð. v. intr., pp. asked, demanded P. 5 (~ on me efter riwle asked for a rule from me). v. tr., pp. gathered P. 82. see halden. v. tr., infin. hear P. 64. adj. the same, alike P. 17; iliche pl. like, similar to P. 105 (ancren ~ like anchoresses). adj., pl. same, very P. 105. see makien. adv.together, in common P. 84. see i, in. adj., comp., as n. inner P. 17, etc. n. conscience P. 8, etc. adv. inside, internal P. 10. v. intr., pr. 3 sg. is P. 10, etc. Neg. form: nis is not P. 9, etc. (~ ... bute is only P. 13, etc.). See also am, aren, art, beon. v. tr., infin. see P. 61, etc. (~ the seeing P. 61). See also seon. see stalde. v. tr., pp. clarified, explained P. 60. v. tr., pp. tied, linked P. 99. v. tr., pp. thanked P. 49. n. law P. 45. n. teaching, instruction P. 69. n. Lord P. 4, etc. n.lady P. 14, etc. v. tr., infin. teach, instruct P. 116. adj., comp. smaller P. 96, etc. (~ dred of less fear concerning P. 31); as n. less, a smaller amount P. 30; leaste sup., as n. least, smallest amount P. 73. adj., sup. least. See leasse. adj., sup. last. See leatere adj. adj., comp. later, latter P. 63, etc. (þe ~ dale the latter part, the second part); as n. later part; leaste sup.last P. 48 (þe ~ ende the very end); as n.P. 54. adv., comp. later, afterwards P. 80. v. tr., infin. leave, give up P. 40. adv., comp. longer P. 49 (se ~ se betere the longer the better). adv. lovingly P. 116. adj., pl. dear, beloved P. 5, etc. v. tr., pr. 3 sg. prevents P. 111 (~ to luuien prevents from loving). v. tr., infin. neglect, leave alone P. 42; lete infin. P. 92 (~ þis to neglect this, the neglecting of this). n. body P. 12. adj., pl. bodily, physical P. 12, etc. n. life P. 102. vbl. n. lying down (i.e., sleeping) P. 41. v. intr., pr. subj. pl. lie, be deceitful P. 86. v. intr., pr. 3 sg. belongs, pertains P. 63, etc. (to eiðer ~ his dale to each belongs its part, each has its own part P. 64). v. intr., pr. 3 sg. lives, dwells P. 87; liuieð pr. pl. *P. 5n. n., pl. observances P. 26n. v. intr., imp. sg. look out, watch out P. 86n. interj.lo, behold P. 90 (~, þis lo, it is this). n. love P. 43, etc. adj. lovely, beautiful P. 32. v. tr., P. 110, etc.; luuieð pr. pl. P. 4. v. tr. Forms: makien infin. P. 35, etc.; makie P. 83; makeð pr. 3 sg. P. 8, etc.; imaket pp.P. 23. Senses: (1) make, render, cause to be P. 8, etc. (þis ~ þe leafdi riwle the lady rule does this, causes this P. 20). (2) (causative function) make, cause P. 27, etc. (~ feasten causes one to fast P. 27). (3) make, produce P. 23, etc. (~ professiun make profession, promise P. 35; ~ strengðe attach significance P. 72, etc.). n.nature, disposition P. 29, etc.; pl. sorts, kinds P. 64. adv., comp. more P. 30, etc. (te ~ (all) the more P. 30; neauer ~ never again P. 36); meast sup. most P. 47 (al ~ almost all, nearly everything). n., pl. mats (for sleeping on) P. 75. see Ich. pron. indef., nom. one, people (in general) P. 12, etc. (normally forming passive equivalent, e.g., me ... deð is done P. 14). v. auxil.Forms: mei pr. 3 sg. P. 18, etc.; mahe pr. pl. (before neg. adv.) P. 25; mahen pr. pl. P. 19, etc.; mahe pr. subj. sg. P. 34; mahten pa. t. pl. P. 51. Senses: (1) can, be able to P. 18, etc. (2) may, be allowed to P. 113 (2x) (3) (pa. t.: modal of possibility) could, might P. 51. n., gen. pl. maids', serving girls' P. 115. n. food P. 40, etc. see Ich. prep. with, in company with P. 91 (ga ~ travel with, walk with); with, by means of P. 30. n. might, power P. 16. see Ich. adj. of many kinds, various P. 17. adv. in various ways P. 29. n. person, man, human being P. 46, etc. (man, humankind P. 45; man (as opposed to woman) P. 87; euch ~ everyone P. 46); monnes gen. sg. man's, humankind's P. 23, etc. (~ fundles humankind's invention, human invention). vbl. n. mingling, mixture, overlap P. 98. adj. and pron. (1) adj. many a P. 5, etc. (~ dei for many a day P. 5; ~ fles many a flesh, the flesh of many a person P. 28); monie pl. many P. 6, etc. (2) pron. many a one P. 28, etc.; monie pl. many (things, people, etc.) P. 41, etc. see mon. v. auxil., pr. 3 sg.must P. 28, etc. (~ þeos changin hire this must change itself, this must be changed P. 28). adj. much, great P. 72, etc. (~ strengðe great significance). adj., dat. great P. 58. adj. and pron.(1) adj. no. Forms: na (before cons.) P. 27; nan (before vowel) P. 35. n. nothing P. 21, etc. (nis ~ bute is nothing except, is only P. 13). adv. not, not at all (often preceded by ne) P. 9, etc. adv. and conj.(1) adv. not (often supported by neg. adv.) P. 20, etc. (nawt ~ makeð nothing makes P. 21; ~ ... bute not ... except, only P. 36). (2) conj. nor P. 25, etc. (nowðer ... ~ neither ... nor P. 71). See also neren, nis. adv.never P. 36 (~ mare never again). n., dat. need, necessity P. 37; neod needful of P. 32. adv. of necessity, needs P. 46. v. tr., pr. 3 sg. names, mentions P. 71. see nede n. adj., as n. new P. 45. see wes. v. tr., pr. 3 sg. takes P. 38 (~ on hond undertakes). see is. n. name P. 2. adv. especially, particularly P. 54, etc. adv. nevertheless P. 77. adv. neither P. 71 (~ ... ne neither ... nor). adv.(1) now, at the present time P. 16, etc. (2) now (then) (introducing argument) P. 18; nv P. 97. see wulle. see nu. see on, o. n. obedience P. 33, etc. prep. and adv. (1) prep. (a) (general and possessive uses) of, belonging to (denoting possession) P. 8, etc. (~ þe oðer of, belong to the other P. 14); of, about, concerning P. 6, etc. (þe easkeres ~ those who ask about P. 69); of, from, by P. 23, etc.; as ~ as with, as in the case of P. 40, etc. (b) (objective genitive function) of P. 20, etc. (c) (with tr. v., expressing privation) of P. 21 (smeðeð þe heorte ... ~ sunne smooths away sin from the heart). (d) (partitive genitive function) of, from amongst P. 50, etc. (2) adv. v. tr., pp. frightened, anxious P. 51. adv.often P. 50 (as ~ as as often as). prep. Forms: on (before a vowel or h) P. 25, etc.; (before a cons.) P. 5; o (before a cons.) P. 41, etc. Senses: (1) in (of position) P. 54, etc. (nimeð ~ hond undertakes P. 38). (2) in (of condition or manner) P. 25 (~ ... wise in ... manner P. 25, etc.; ~ rawe in turn, in sequence P. 103). (3) in, into (of division) P. 97. (4) from P. 5. n. answer P. 59. v. intr., imp. pl.answer, give answer P. 57, etc. prep. as regards, concerning P. 19, etc. adv., comp. more openly, more clearly *P. 59n. n. (religious) order P. 22, etc. [usually with 'thorn'] adj. and pron. (1) adj. other, another P. 12, etc.; oðer [with 'eth'] P. 31; oþer pl. P. 41; oðre pl. P. 28, etc. (2) pron. (a) (the) other (person, thing) P. 14, etc.; oðer P. 15, etc.; oþre pl. others P. 42, etc. (b) oðer second (ord. num.) P. 101. [usually with 'eth'] conj. or P. 37, etc.; oþer P. 9, etc. indef. pron. other qualities P. 83; oðerhwet P. 85 (of ~ by other means). see oþer adj. and pron. prep. over, above P. 46 (~ alle above all, especially): beyond, more than P. 70. see &yogh;e. see &yogh;e. v. tr., infin. please, satisfy P. 30. n.penance P. 44, etc. n., pl. preachers P. 65n. n., pl. prelates P. 65n. n. profession, formal declaration P. 35. n. prophet P. 89. n. purity P. 19. n.row, sequence P. 103 (o ~ in sequence, in turn). n.advice, counsel P. 33, etc. n., pl. recluses P. 63. n.religion, religious way of life P. 22, etc. adj., as n. religious, those following the religious life P. 64, etc. adj. right, true, correct P. 61, etc.; rihte pl. P. 42; as n. P. 41. adv.correctly, properly P. 98. v. tr., infin. correct, straighten P. 22 (~ hire straightening it); rihteð pr. 3 sg. P. 21; directs P. 10. n. rule P. 5, etc.; riwlen pl. P. 6 (monie cunne ~ rules of many kinds). v. tr., infin. rule P. 15, etc.; riwleð pr. 3 sg. P. 8, etc.; riwlið pr. pl. *P. 47n. vbl. n. ruling P. 47. n. rochet P. 82n. n. remark, statement P. 63, etc. n. sake P. 17. n., pl. remedies P. 107. n. soul *P. 66; sawle gen. sg. P. 101. n. Psalter P. 103. n. scandal P. 88. v. auxil. Forms: schal pr. 3 sg. P. 12, etc.; schule pr. pl. (before neg. adv.) P. 54; schulen pr. pl. P. 16, etc. Senses: (1) (of obligation) must, have to, ought to P. 12, etc.; shall, is to, are to (expressive of direct command) P. 32, etc. (2) (of futurity, usually of events bound or expected to occur) shall, will P. 49. v. tr., infin. show P. 88, etc. adj. bright, beautiful P. 78. adj. pure, clean P. 10, etc.; (of conscience) clear P. 20. n. confession P. 20, etc.; schriftes gen. sg. confessor's P. 33. see schal. demon. adv. (so much) the P. 49 (2x) (~ lengre ~ betere the longer the better). v. tr. and intr., infin. say, tell P. 31; segge P. 41 (~ the saying of); seið pr. 3 sg. P. 4, etc.; segge pr. subj. sg. P. 9; seggeð imp. pl. P. 79; seide pa. t. sg. P. 66, etc. see seggen. adj., masc. Saint P. 57, etc.; Seinte fem. P. 74, etc. see seggen. pron. self (emphasizing reflex.) P. 98, etc. (bi him ~ by itself, on its own P. 98; him ~ himself P. 104); seoluen P. 78, etc. (hire ~ herself P. 78; þe ~ yourself P. 91). ord. num. (as n.) seventh P. 110. v. tr., infin. serve P. 14, etc. n. devotions P. 54, etc. ord. num. (adj.) sixth P. 109. v. tr., pr. 3 sg. strains, sifts (out) P. 72;siheð pr. pl. P. 56. v. tr. and intr., infin. sing P. 13; singeð pr. 3 sg. P. 77. v. intr., pr. subj. sg. sits, is to be found P. 76. v. tr., pres. 3 sg. sees P. 34. See also iseon. v. intr., infin. sleep P. 13. adj. smooth P. 8. v. tr., infin. smooth P. 22 (~ hire smoothing it); smeðeð pr. 3 sg. P. 21 (~ þe heorte ... of sunne smooths away sin from the heart). adv. soon, straight away P. 51. adj. true, proper P. 92. adv. truly, correctly P. 89. v. intr., infin. speak, talk P. 6; spekeþ pr. 3 sg. P. 98, etc. n. spouse P. 4, etc.; spuse P. 4, etc. v. tr., pa. t. 3 sg. established P. 46; istald pa. pple. P. 27. n. strength, power P. 17, etc.; physical force, i.e., violence P. 37; significance P. 72, etc. (makie ~ attach significance P. 72, etc.). adj. strong, robust P. 29. n., pl. parts, sections P. 102. n. place, abode P. 36. adj. strange, bizarre P. 58. adj. and pron. (1) adj. some; summe pl. P. 65. (2) pron. one, a particular one P. 29, etc.; summe pl.some (things, people) P. 45, etc. adv. separately P. 103. adj., pl. separate, particular P. 98. v. intr., pr. 2 sg. sin P. 9; sunegeð pr. 3 sg. P. 39. n., gen. sg. Son's P. 2. n. sin P. 20, etc. n., pl.sisters P. 5, etc. adv.(1) so, thus, in this manner (is hit ~ þet it is the case that P. 18) (2) (demon., before adj. or ptcp.) so, so very, to such an extent P. 41, etc. adv. greatly, very much P. 51 (to ~ too greatly). v. tr., pr. 3 sg.swallows P. 72; swolheð pr. pl. P. 57. adj. and pron.(1) adj. such, such a P. 58: swucche dat. P. 42; swucche pl. P. 28, etc. (2) pron. swucche pl. such (things) P. 74. adv. in the same way P. 85. see þah. see þe def. art. and demon. adv. v. tr., pres. 3 sg. teaches, instructs P. 12. v. tr., pr. pl. tell P. 56. card. num. (adj.) ten P. 44. see þu. v. intr., infin. build P. 94 (ase tole to ~ as a tool with which to build). adv. too excessively (qualifying an adv.) P. 50. prep. (1) to, towards (of direction, motion, address, etc.) P. 4, ectc.; to (of comparison, belonging, juncture, etc.) P. 631, etc. (next to, compared to P. 632). (2) (governing infin.) to, in order to P. 24, etc. v. tr., pr. 1 sg. divide (up) P. 97; todealet pp. P. 96. adv. together P. 93 (al ~ everything together). adv. together P. 82, etc. (alle ~ all together, everyone together). n. tool P. 94. adj. true, faithful P. 11, etc. n. faithfulness P. 44. vbl. n. deception, fraud P. 92. card. num. (adj.) two P. 63, etc.; (as n.) P. 6, etc. (ba ~ both of those two P. 79). adv. and conj. Forms: þah P. 40, etc.; tah (usual after word ending in t or d) P. 77, etc. Senses: (1) adv. nevertheless, however P. 40, etc. (2) conj. as ~ as though, as if P. 55. def. art. the P. 2, etc. (~ an the (first) one P. 8); te (after word ending in t or d) P. 17, etc. demon. pron., masc. (preceding rel. clause) that one, that person, he P. 67. demon. adv. (all) the, so much the P. 31; te (after word ending in t or d) *P. 30n. rel. pron., sg. or pl. that, who (with animate antecedent) P. 4, etc. (combined antecedent and rel. those who P. 66); that, which (with inanimate antecedent) P. 9, etc. pers. pron. 2 sg., acc. and dat. see þu. conj. than P. 60 (~ is than it is). demon. adv. then, at that time; then, that being the case (particle of inference) P. 18 (nu ~ now then). see þet demon. adj. and pron. see þis. adv. (1) demon. there, in that place P. 63, etc. (2) rel. where. see also þer-abuten, þer-as, þer-to, þrefter. demon. adv. thereabout, in the same area P. 113, etc. (þinges þet falleð ~ things that relate thereto, related matters). rel. adv. where, in the place where P. 72, etc. demon. adv. thereto, to it, to that P. 39. demon. adj. and pron. (1) adj. that P. 36; (2) pron. that (thing) P. 19, etc. (~ is that is, that is to say P. 19, etc.; ~ beoð those are (lit. are that, are of that group P. 66); þeo pl. those (people) P. 4. rel. pron., sg. or pl. that, which (with inanimate antecedent) P. 6, etc.; combined antecedent and relative that which, what P. 53, etc. conj. that P. 34, etc.; so that, in order that P. 83 (efter ~ accordingly as, in the way that P. 181; swa ~ the case that P. 182). n. thing P. 27, etc. (a thing, something P. 38; na ~ elles no other purpose P. 27); þinges pl. P. 35, etc. demon. adj. and pron. (1) adj. this P. 47, etc.; þeos fem. (with ref. to female animates and certain inanimates) P. 9, etc. (of the rule); þeose pl. these P. 91. (2) pron. this (thing, one) P. 9, etc. (~ makeð causes this P. 20: low, ~ lo, it is this P. 90); þeos fem. P. 14, etc. (of the rule); þeos pl. these (things) P. 42, etc. n. patience, endurance P. 43. v. tr., infin. endure, stand P. 28. demon. adv. thereafter, after that P. 50, etc. card. num. (adj.) three P. 35. ord. num. (adj.) third P. 104. pers. pron. 2 sg., nom. you, thou P. 9; þe acc. you, thee P. 4, etc. (~ seoluen yourself P. 91); þe dat. you, thee P. 90, etc.; þi poss. adj. your, thy; ti (after word ending in t or d ) P. 91. n. maid, serving girl P. 14, etc. adj. and pron. (1) adj. pl. such, similar P. 42, etc. (~ oþre others like them). (2) pron., pl. such people P. 68. v. intr., pr. 3 sg. seems P. 58 (him ~ it seems to him). prep. through, by means of P. 20, etc.; on account of P. 6. v. auxil., pr. pl. (before neg. adv.) need to P. 25. adv. thus, in this way, like this P. 62, etc.; thus, so, therefore P. 71. n. lack of faith P. 52. v. tr., infin. receive P. 113. n. absence of hope P. 52. adj. unsightly P. 78n. adj. lacking in strength, weak, delicate P. 29. v. tr., pp. unspotted, without blemish P. 62, etc. n. ignorant person P. 56. adj. pl., as n. foolish people P. 76. see we. n., pl. Hours P. 41. adj. outer P. 25, etc.; as n. outer (one) P. 17, etc. v. tr., imp. sg. understand P. 90. adj. weak P. 91. n., pl. watchmen P. 103. v. intr., infin. (to) keep vigil P. 13, etc. see wulle. n. guarding, protection P. 32. v. tr., pr. 3 sg. knows P. 33, etc. pers. pron. 1 pl., nom. we; us acc. us P. 111; us dat. (from) us P. 110; ure poss. adj. our P. 49. n., gen. sg. in phrase alles ~ in every way P. 16. adv. well P. 9, etc.; reasonably, properly P. 30, etc. (ful ~ very properly); fully, entirely P. 40; clearly, certainly P. 77. n. spot, blemish *P. 61. v. tr., pr. pl. believe, suppose P. 76. n. awareness, consciousness P. 20. n., pl. men (as opposed to women) P. 75. see wes. v. tr., infin. wear P. 13, etc. (hu ... ~ what to wear, how to dress P. 13); werieð pr. pl. P. 93. n., pl. works, handiwork, occupations P. 115. vbl. n. dress, the wearing of clothes P. 41. v. intr., pa. t. 3 sg. was P. 57; weren pl. were P. 77; were subj. sg. were P. 104 (as he ~ as if he were). Neg. forms: neren pl. P. 73, etc. adj., wk. wide P. 81. n. widow P. 67; widewen pl. *P. 61, etc. n. will, desire P. 42, etc.; willes gen. sg., as adv. willingly, voluntarily. n. wisdom, understanding P. 34 (efter ~ according to his understanding, at his discretion). n. way, manner P. 25, etc. n. guide P. 2. v. tr., infin. keep, protect *P. 62, etc. (keep, observe P. 17); witeð pr. 3 sg. P. 70; witeð pr. pl. P. 102. n., pl. senses P. 101, etc. prep. (1) (of instrumentality) with, through, by means of P. 7, etc. (2) (of attribute or belonging) P. 75, etc. adv. (on the) inside P. 15, etc. prep. without P. 8, etc.; wiðuten P. 20. adv. (on the) outside P. 12, etc. adj. crooked P. 8n., etc. n. world (i.e., earthly things) *P. 62, etc.; worlt P. 70, etc. see write. v. tr., pr. ptcp. (adj.) accusing P. 9. n.Writ, Scripture P. 59. v. tr., pr. 1 sg. write P. 47, etc.; wrat pa. t. 3 sg. P. 80. v. tr. and auxil. Forms: wule pr. 3 sg. P. 40, etc.; chulle pr. 1 sg. P. 6, etc.; walde pa. t. 3 sg. P. 50. Senses: (1) (as main v.) wish, desire P. 40, etc. (2) (as auxil. of future) will, shall P. 6, etc. (3) (pa. t.: as modal auxil. of condition) would P. 50. Neg. forms: nulle pr. 1 sg. do not wish P. 49. n. woman P. 87; wummen pl. P. 75. n. a wonder, a marvel P. 58. v. intr., infin. work, labour (i.e., manually) P. 31.
Glossary Conventions This is a glossary to the edited text only, and incorporates neither the manuscript variants given in the Apparatus Criticus nor the longer additions cited in the footnotes. For those forms here listed that represent emendations to the base text (MS A), an asterisk precedes the line reference. When further information about a given instance (its etymology, sense, or interpretation in context) is provided in the Notes, the letter n follows the line reference. Reference is by Part and line number. Each different orthographic and morphological form and significant sense variant is exemplified. For practical reasons of space, however, only the first instance of each usage is offered, together with an etc. where more examples of the same occur later in the text. Those readers in search of a full guide to the forms in MS A are advised to consult the concordance in Potts, Stevenson, and Wogan-Browne 1993. Entries are in alphabetical order, according to which yogh [represented here by the numeral 3] will be found after <g>, and thorn and eth after <t>. The vocalic and consonantal significations of <i>, <u>, and <v> are not distinguished for purposes of alphabetical ordering. The prefix i- (= OE ge-) is always included in determining this order, though in the majority of cases it appears attached to the past participles of verbs whose stem is otherwise found without it, in which case the said participial forms will be found listed under the letter <i> for purposes of cross-reference only. In general, cross-references are supplied wherever they seem helpful (i.e., except in the immediate vicinity of the main entry). The format of entries is conventional, with headword and variant forms in bold type, grammatical and other information in italics, and senses in ordinary type. In most cases, orthographic/morphological variant forms and their senses are listed together; where the sense of a variant is not indicated, it should be referred back to that given at the beginning of the entry or sub-entry. In the case of words which have a particularly complex series of variant forms and senses, the two are offered separately. Phrasing and idioms that have been deemed to require further explanation are noticed at the end of the section for each variant form or sense; here, the symbol ~ stands for the headword (in any of its forms).

Wherever possible, the headword given is a form actually recorded in the text, and the sense given then refers to this form, with the meanings that attach to predictable inflexional variants assumed. In the case of verbs, infinitives are preferred as headword where these are found in the text; otherwise present tense forms are listed before preterites, finite forms before non-finite, and indicative (not usually stated), subjunctive, and imperative in that order. Subjunctives are not usually recorded separately where they would be identical in form with the corresponding indicative, though exceptions will be found in the event of significant differences in sense and usage between the two. Datives of nouns (i.e., post-prepositional forms) are likewise ordinarily offered only when different from non-oblique forms, and the same is true with weak, dative, and plural forms of adjectives (where 'weak' is understood to mean singular forms inflected with -e after the definite article, etc.). Accusative (understood to refer to the direct object only) and dative are, however, normally offered separately in the case of the personal pronouns owing to their frequent functional distinction.

Abbreviations are conventional