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MS N (Nero A. xiv)
MS A (Corpus 402) | MS C (Cleopatra C. vi) | MS N (Nero A. xiv)

1. 1r/25 thet-abbreviation instead of 'thorn'.

2. 2v/17 is interlined in different hand after wem.

3. 2v/23 thet-abbreviation instead of 'thorn'.

4. 3r/10 thet-abbreviation (abbreviation mark apparently in different hand) instead of 'thorn'.

5. 3v/1 rat, sic for requirat.

6. 3v/11 ase ase, sic; se of second ase added in darker ink over erasure.

7. 3v/10-13 punctuation added later in darker ink.

8. 3v/30 viste sic, for vifte (crossbar of f omitted).