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1. After ‘heorte’ P. 10 (1r/18), C2 adds: 3ef že con[s]cience—žet is, že inwit of ži žoht ant of žin heorte—bereš witnesse i že seolf te3eines že seoluen žet tu art i sunne unscriuen ant žet tu misdest žet ant žet, ant hauest žet unžeaw ant žet, žulli conscience, žullic inwit is woh ant unefne ant cnosti ant dolki; ah žeos riwle efneš hire ant makeš hire smeše ant softe (‘If the conscience—that is, your intellectual and emotional understanding of right and wrong—bears witness against you internally that you are in a state of sin and that you are doing wrong in such and such a case, and practising such and such a vice, that conscience, that understanding, is crooked and uneven and full of bumps and hollows; but this rule levels it out and makes it smooth and soft’); similarly V, after permaneamus P. (1v/3).

2. After inwit P. 20 (1v/21), C2 adds: žet is, conscience že ne beo weote ne witnesse of nan gret sunne inwiš hire seoluen (‘that is, a conscience which is not aware of, or a witness to, the presence of any great sin’); similarly F, after sunne P. 20 (1v/21).

3. After woh P. 22 (1v/24), C2 adds scraggi ant unefne (‘rough and uneven’).

4. C2 replaces že(2) P. 27 (2r/6) by Žeos uttere riwle, žet is i že ende of žis boc, že eahtu[š]e distincciun, žet is, že leaste dale (‘This outer rule, which is at the end of this book, the eighth distinction, that is, the final part’).

5. After euene P. 29 (2r/10), C2 adds: as hire meistre seiš hire; for he bereš žeos riwle inwiš his breoste, ant he efter žet sum is ošer sec ošer hal scal efter his wit changi žeos utter riwle efter euchanes euene (‘as her director instructs her; because he carries this rule in his heart, and depending on whether someone is ill or in good health, he must change the outer rule according to his discretion to suit each one's capacity’).

6. After ant P. 37 (2r/24), C2 adds in margin, as of fur ošer of ožer peril (‘as in the case of fire or of other danger’).

7. After herre P. 38 (2r/25), C2 adds, 3e ne schulen, Ich segge, makie na ma uuz of feste biheastes (‘You should not, I say, make any further vows with firm promises’).

8. After ožre P. 73 (3v/4), C2 adds hali men sumhwile (‘holy men of that time’).

9. After ordre P. 80 (3v/15), C2 adds ant of že ilke dale (‘and of that part’).