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MS C (Cleopatra C. vi)
MS A (Corpus 402) | MS C (Cleopatra C. vi) | MS N (Nero A. xiv)

1. 4r/2. C2 alters e to capital, and replaces original r.

2. 4r/11. C2 adds ant 3e over erasure.

3. 4r/11. C2 adds mid above line after ant.

4. 4r/17-18. C2 deletes žoncg . . . žu, replacing it with woh inwit ant of wre3inde žet segge.

5. 4r/18. After her, C2 adds žu.

6. 4r/19. After alse, C2 inserts wel as.

7. 4r/20. C2 adds cross above heorte, referring to marginal addition: 3ef že concience | žet is že inwit of ži žoht / ant | of žin heorte / bereš wit-|nesse i že seolf / te3eines že seoluen žet tu art i sunne | unscriuen ant žet tu misdest žet | ant žet. ant hauest žet unžeaw ant žet. | žulli conscience. žullic inwit | is woh ant unefne / ant cnosti | ant dolki. ah \žeos/ Riwle efneš | hire ant Makeš hire smeše | ant softe.

8. 4r/21. C2 adds riwle after ošer.

9. 4r/22. C2 alters wiš to wišuten.

10. 4r/24. C2 alters waken to wakien.

11. 4v/14. C2 alters initial a to A.

12. 4v/17. C2 deletes inwiš . . . sunne and adds in the margin, marked for entry after sunne, Inwit. žet is. conscience že ne beo | weote ne witnesse |of nan gret sunne inwiš | hire seoluen.

13. 4v/20. C2 replaces wit . . . from by že inwit a3ein.

14. 4v/21. C2 deletes žong and adds above it woh. <scr> scraggi ant unefne.

15. 4v/22. C2 alters C's point to a punctus elevatus.

16. 5r/2. C2 inserts punctus elevatus after an.

17. 5r/4. C2 alters initial a to A.

18. 5r/11. C2 replaces nis . . . italt by istalt.

19. 5r/12. C2 alters že to žeos and continues above the line: uttere Riwle žet is i že ende of žis boc že eahtuhe | distincciun. žet is že leaste dale.

20. 5r/17. C2 adds after euene: as hire meistre seiš hire. for he bereš | žeos riwle inwiš his breoste | ant he efter žet sum is ošer sec | ošer hal; scal efter his wit | changi žeos uttere riwle | efter euchanes euene.

21. 5r/21. C2 alters oše to ošer.

22. 5v/10. C2 alters studestašeluestninge to studeuestnesse.

23. 5v/12. C2 corrects bu to bute.

24. 5v/12. C2 adds in margin after ant: .as of fur. ošer of ožer peril;

25. 5v/14. C2 adds after herre: 3e ne schulen ic segge makie na ma uuz of feste biheastes.

26. 5v/17-18. C2 alters breket to brekeš.

27. 5v/19. C2 alters wenne to hwenne.

28. 6r/1. C2 adds after wule: ant hwen me wule.

29. 6r/4. C2 alters že alde to alle že.

30. 6r/7. žeose deleted by C2.

31. 6r/8. godes deleted by C2.

32. 6r/10. žinge deleted by C2.

33. 6r/11. C2 alters initial ‘eth’ to ‘thorn’.

34. 6r/20. C2 adds žrefter after 3e above line.

35. 6r/20. C2 alters breokeš to breken.

36. 6r/20. C2 replaces an žerof by eni of ham.

37. 6r/20-21. C2 alters hurteš to swiše to walde to swiše hurten.

38. 6r/22. C2 replaces mu3e by muhten.

39. 6r/23. C2 adds i desesperance žet is inte after fallen above line.

40. 6r/23. C2 adds inte after ant above line.

41. 6v/6. C3 glosses vnweote above the line as congoun.

42. 6v/10-11. C3 adds ordre after Iames.

43. 6v/14. C2 adds religiun marked for insertion after openlukest.

44. 6v/15. C3 enters .M. after isutelet, referring to a marginal addition .M. and gif he ne kan že andsuerin; tel him žat it.

45. 6v/16. C2 alters wich to hwich.

46. 6v/17. C3 adds Iacobi.I.g. above Religio.

47. 6v/19. C2 alters wemes. to to wem is;.

48. 6v/23. C3 glosses reclusen above the line as ancres.

49. 7r/1. C3 glosses dalen above the line as parties.

50. 7r/1-2. C2 alters religiun to religiuse.

51. 7r/2. C2 adds heren after ma3en.

52. 7r/11. C3 adds žanne after Gan.

53. 7r/12. C3 replaces elnin by frouerin.

54. 7r/13. C2 inserts of after fode above line.

55. 7r/20. C3 glosses si3eš by sled above line.

56. 7r/21. C2 inserts strencše after muche.

57. 7r/22. C3 glosses ancre as ermite above line.

58. 7v/1. C2 replaces žoše by že ožre hali men sumhwile.

59. 7v/3. C2 alters sinchete to sincletece.

60. 7v/7. C2 alters he to že.

61. 7v/13-14. C2 replaces ordre žet by ordre. žet 3e beoš as | is iseit. of sein Iames | ordre ant of že ilke dale, entered in the margin after oure.

62. 8r/3. C2 adds swuc above line after haueš.

63. 8r/3. C2 adds of above line after alswa.

64. 8r/6-7. C2 replaces [ant] mimmon by ošer wummon, added in margin after mon.

65. 8r/7. C2 alters him to ham.

66. 8r/8. C2 alters warof to hwarof.

67. 8r/8. C2 replaces schonde by scandle.

68. 8r/9. C2 alters come to cume.

69. 8r/16-17. C2 replaces of že seolf by wac eauer že seoluen.

70. 8r/19. C2 replaces ant by wišute.

71. 8r/23. C2 alters tole to tol and glosses as lome above line.

72. 8v/3. C3 glosses dalen as parties above line.

73. 8v/9. C3 alters vif to fif.

74. 8v/9. C3 glosses witen as lokin above line.

75. 8v/10. C3 alters že to žat.

76. 8v/10. C2 adds ant after religiun.

77. 8v/12. C3 alters vif stuchen to fif stuches.

78. 8v/12. C3 alters vif to fif.

79. 8v/14. C3 glosses heo as žei.

80. 8v/15. C3 partially deletes sunderlepi and adds sundrilike in margin.

81. 8v/16. C3 replaces ‘wynn’ in foweles by uu.

82. 8v/17. C3 adds tou ‘though’ after as.

83. 8v/22. C3 adds an Arabic numeral in the right-hand margin against each item listed on this page and the next, and a note in the bottom left-hand margin of f. 8v on three of the special characters used in hoc libro anglico, ‘wyn’, ‘yogh’, and ‘thorn’; see Dobson 1972, p. 14.

84. 9r/2. C3 adds to after Crist.

85. 9r/3. C3 alters let to lettet.