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Apparatus criticus


2 (1r/1-4) rubric] A only



(1r/5) before rectum] and NS

(1r/7) regule] after sunt CL

(1r/8) exteriorum] exteriorem L(Ma)P, exteriorem corporis S

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4 (1r/10) deorewurthe]deorewerthe (‘wyn’ and ‘u’ alt. to ‘we’ by different hand) A

5 (1r/11) liuieth] CFNP, luuieth AV

(1r/12) habbeth] habbeth (‘š’ alt. to ‘ž’ by different hand) A

on] del. C2

efter] after (‘e’ alt. to ‘a’ by different hand) A

riwle] riwle (‘wyn’ alt. to ‘w’ by different hand) A

6 (1r/13) cunne] dyuers PV

bimong] among NP

7 (1r/14) with] V, mid N, ant C(mid add. C2)

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8 (1r/15) maketh] le fet F, maketh hire N, maketh it P, fet le quer S

ant smethe] om. FP

(1r/16) cnost ant dolc] C, knotte and dolke N, knooste and dothe P, uene e (…) boce S, conuexo aut concauo L, spotte of fulthe V

woh inwit] vnriht inwit V, oblique (…) consciencie L, tote conscience S, žoncg inwith C(corr. C2), žoughth inwith P

8-9 (1r/16) ant of wrei3ende] N, seu accusantis L, and bywraieth the P, and of schewynge V, unwrest ant 3irninde C(corr. C2), e de enclinante a pecche S

10 (1r/18) after heorte] marginal addition marked for insertion (see fn. 1 to text) C2,(in text, after permaneamus 1v/3) Gif thi conscience, that is, thin inwit of thi thought and of thin herte, bereth witnesse in thi self ayeynes thi seluen, that thou art in sunne unschryuen, and that thou misdest that and that, and hast that defaute, and that, such conscience and such inwit is wouh and vneuene and hulli and dolki, ac this rule eueneth hire and maketh hire euene and softe V

(1r/19-21) Et hec … bileaue] om. C

(1r/19) caritas] caritas illa VFP, illa L

(1r/21--1v/3) Pretende … permaneamus] not in CF

(1r/22) before per] scilicet L, (after fidem) S

(1r/25) anto[no]masice] conj. Dobson; antomasice AV, antonomatice N, anthonomatice L(anachorite Ma), atthonomasice P

(1v/2) preter] N, nisi LPSV

regulam] regula LPS

(1v/3) after permaneamus] see 10 (1r/18)

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12 (1v/42) že] heo C, car ele S

13 ( 1v/6) singen] liggen NPS

(1v/6-8) Et hec … continetur] LNP, after withinnen 15 (1v/11) SV, not in CF

exercitio] exercitatio A(ta add. by different hand)NLPSV

(1v/7) before modicum] ad LSV

(1v/8) before geometrico] sub LPSV

geometrico] LNSV, geometrio AP

14 (1v/9) forte] to CV

(1v/10) as2] L, is as CNPSV

15 (1v/11) other] ordre CF, regulam L

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17 (1v/14) before strengthe] mid alle N, ou tut uostre S

18 (1v/16) mei best] best mei CV

with] and with VS

20 (1v/21) inwit] inwith C(corr. C2), inwith and withoute P

after inwit] addition by C2(see fn. 2 to text)

consciencia] A only

withuten … sunne] del. C2

weote] C, aparceuance F, wite NV, uice S, labe L, white P

after sunne] cest quant ele ne siet nen est testmoigne encontre sei meismes de nul grief pecchee dedenz soi meismes F

21 (1v/24) maketh] marreth C

22 (1v/24) hire] la conscience S, the hert PL

woh] V (cf. obliquat for maketh woh L), wrong PF, žong C (repl. by woh, scraggi ant unefne C2), torte e bozuse S, woc N

23 (1v/26) god] goth A

24 (1v/28) is eauer ant aa] conj. Tolkien; dure (. . .) tut dis S, is eauer ant an (n of an in different hand over erasure) A, is eauer an CFLNV

27 (2r/6) istald] establier (for establie) F, nis (. . .) istold N, nis heo italt C(corr. C2), is clept V, nys it ymade P, est (…) trouee S

the2] alt. C2 (see fn. 4 to text)

28 (2r/7) swucche] A, ant swucche CFNPSV

(2r/8) moni2] F, ant moni CLNSV

(2r/9) žeos] A, žeos riwle CFNV, ceste foreine reule S, žis vtter reule P

29 (2r/10) after euene] addition by C2 (see fn. 5 to text)

before sum2] and PSV

after sum2] is NFSV, beth P

30 (2r/12) mot te] N, mot the CV, moten A, hij moten the P

31 (2r/14) ethelich] A, feble C, turpes L, leide F, sim. S, atelich NV, nouht louelich P

32 (2r/15) betere] V, the betere CNP

habben] holde PLS

33 (2r/16) hire] om. NP

34 (2r/19) sith] seith (e expunct. in darker ink) A

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36 (2r/22) beoth] beoth (‘š’ alt. to ‘ž’ by different hand) A

stude-steatheluestenesse] N, stude-statheluestninge C(alt. to studeuestnesse C2), the stude žat heo woneth inne V, to helde the stede stille there his bisschop hym dothe P

37 (2r/24) after ant] marginal addition by C2 (see fn. 6 to text)

(2r/25) his] hire NV

38 (2r/25) after herre] 3e … biheastes C2 (see fn. 7 to text), Hoc ideo consulo L

(2r/26) bihat hit … forte don hit] A, bihat hit (. . .) to donne N, sim. C, bihoteth (…) to don hit V

39 (2r/28) before 3ef] and PV

40 (2v/2) of] C, and of NLSV, sim. P, ou F

alle] V, ant alle CN, et F, ou S

41 (2v/3) othre] om. FNS

41-42 (2v/4) swa … wise] om. CF

42 (2v/4) thulliche] swuche NV 2v/8

44 (2v/8) alle the ten heastes]C2S, the alde ten heastes AC(corr. C2), the tene olde hesten N, the ten hestes PFLV

(2v/9) thulliche] swuche NV

45-46 (2v/11) ne … stalde] om. CV

46 (2v/13) after alle] thinge C(del. C2)N

47 (2v/13) theos riwlith] C, ceaux reu<lent> F, hec (…) regulant L, thise reulen P, žeos riwleth ANV, ceste reule (…) reule S

before Of] and NPS

52 (2v/22) an1] om. NV

an2] C(inte add. before an C2), in NFSV

55 (2v/27) hit hefden] hefden hit NV

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56 (3r/1) 3e] CV, alse 3e NF, the A

siheth] isihth N, seoth V

57 (3r/2) of … Iames] thet 3e beoth of Seint Iames ordre NPS, sim. L

59 (3r/5) funde] A, finde C, ifinde N, fyndeth PV

(3r/6) Writ] writ (‘wyn’ alt. to ‘w’by different hand) A

openluker] NFLS, openlukest ACV

60 (3r/6) descriuet] descriueth (‘t’ alt. to ‘ž’ by different hand) A

then] NLS, thet CFV

(3r/7) seith hwet] seith what (‘š’ alt. to ‘ž’ and ‘hwet’ to ‘what’ by different hand) A

(3r/8) before is] ant CN

(3r/9) et1] om. PV

necessitate] L, tribulacione FNPSV

sua] A, eorum NSV, om. FLP

61 (3r/11) withute] wtute (alt. by different hand) A

wem is] VP, wem[e]s C(corr. C2), om. FN(corr. by different hand)S

wem] wem (‘wyn’ alt. to ‘w’ by different hand) A

before iseon] to gon and V, aler S

(3r/11-12) widewen ant federlese] wydues and fa|lese (‘wydewes and fa’ superimposed by different hand) A

(3r/12) world] world (‘wyn’ alt. to ‘w’ by different hand) A

witen] witen (‘wyn’ alt. to ‘w’ by different hand) A

him] hire V

(3r/13) descriueth] descriueth (‘š’ alt. to ‘ž’ by different hand) A

63 (3r/14) his] CN, this VFLS

(3r/15) beoth] beoth (‘š’ alt. to ‘ž’ by different hand) A

the … religiuse] V(om. of)L, the (…) religiun C(corr. C2)FN, of men thet beoth of religiun NS

64 (3r/16) Gode religiuse] bones religiouses et bons religious F

66 (3r/19) seith] A, seide CNV

(3r/19-20) widewen ant feaderlese] wydewes and faderlese (‘wydewes and fa’ superimposed by different hand) A

(3r/20) sawle] sowle (‘saw’ alt. to ‘sow’ by different hand) A

68 (3r/23) after Gan] and NV

thulliche] swuche NV

71 (3r/28) the] FV, om. CLNPS

(3v/1) nempneth he] vermail F

72 (3v/1) before in] ne grise religion ne bise S

siheth] isihth N, seoth V

73 (3v/3) the leaste] lutel NS

(3v/4) after othre] addition by C2 (see fn. 8 to text)

74 (3v/5) Sincletice] NPS, Sincletyse V, Synclitice F, Sicleclice A, Sinc[h]ete C(corr. to Sincletece C2), Sincletica L

75 (3v/6) ba] A, bathe CV(before wepmen), amedeus (after wummen) S, om. FLN

76 (3v/7) hwether] wereth V, userunt S

(3v/9) after curtel] other i the kuuele NS, in the couel oither (before in) P

78 (3v/12) unseowlich] nient veuables F, vnsemelich V, foul (…) and vnworthi P

79 (3v/13) the easkeres] theo thet asketh ou NS

(3v/14) before hwether] and NF

79-80 (3v/14-15) hwether … ordre] om. C, thet he beoth, as is iseit, of Seint Iames ordre suppl. C2

79 (3v/14) after hwether] qil soit F, he be VS

80 (3v/15) after ordre] addition by C2 (see fn. 9 to text)

(3v/16-17) seide ear] V, ear seide CNS

81 (3v/18) blake cape] chape close S

cape] om. CN

82 (3v/19) hwite] om. V

rochet] om. CN

after rochet] ne en blanc surpeliz S

(3v/20) togederes] en congregacion F

žer for] la pur F, propter (unitatem) seruandam L, therfor[e] C(final e partly erased)V, thereuore mid N, mes pur ceo S

84 (3v/23) thet … habbeth] ke eus toz deiuent auer S, que habenda est L

85 (3v/25) ha 3ei3eth] C, il moustrent et crient F, heo cri3ež V, clamat (…) et insinuat vnitas exteriorum L, dient il S, a3eines N

86 (3v/26) euch] vchon VC

87 (3v/27-28) wummon … mon] mon [ant mimmon] C(corr. to mon other wummon C2), homme ou femme S, sim. L

(3v/28) him] ham C2SV

88 (4r/2) after Michee] the prophete CFP, Godes prophete N, le seint prophete S

89 (4r/5) the … prophete] the hali Michee C, li seint prophete Michee F, Michee le seint prophete Dampnedeu S

(4r/6) god] Godd A

after hwuch] is NS

90 (4r/7) hwuch halinesse] om. C

hwuch2] A, and hwuch NFSV

91 (4r/8) wac … seoluen] F, as the seolf C, feble euere thi seluen V, the suluen euer woc N, that euere thi seluen be the werst P, vus memes peccheour e cheitif S

92 (4r/10) soth] riht NP

(4r/11) trichunge] A, a[n] tr[u]ch[u]nge C, a trukunge N, trufle V, treccherie P

93 (4r/12) before Ve] In Matheo V, Matthei xxvjo (for xxiii) L, Seint Mathew seith P, et in Euangelio a Domino dicitur S

(4r/12-14) Ve … dealbatis] LPSV(after heorte 4r/17), not in CFN

94 (4r/16) ase tole to] F, tol[e] to C(glossed lome C2), ase a dole to N, a stole to P, une eschole S, to leten V

(4r/17) after heorte] see 4r/12, 4r/12-14

(4r/17-18) rubric] Coment ceste liure est parti F, not in other MSS

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97 (4r/19) Ich todeale] is todelet VL

98 (4r/20) euch] V, uh an CP, chescune partie F, euerich dole N

99 (4r/23) earre] vorme N, first PV

100 (4r/23) al] om. FLPV

101 (4r/24) after other] dole VS

102 (4r/25) is] lithe PV

(4r/26) aren] A, beoth CNPV

(4r/27) že1] CFNPV, om. A

103 (4r/28) euch hwet] A, vhan [wit] C, vche a wit V, chescun sen F, eueriche wit N

104 (4v/1) of anes cunnes fuheles] N, dune maniere doyseaus FS, of one kunne foules V, de natura cuiusdam auis L, of fif cunnes fo[w]eles C, of al manere filthes P

106 (4v/4) fondunges] fondunge CS

109 (4v/6) dale] om. CPV

penitence] penaunce PV

110 (4v/6) after seoueše] dole is NF

112-13 (4v/9-10) earst … threfter] om. C

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